▷ Facebook would develop a Clubhouse clone! 2021 -

This is news that will surely not surprise anyone: Facebook is working on a copy of Clubhouse, the latest application, which relies only on voice …

Clubhouse, the rising star of social networks

Known for copying the ideas of its competitors, Facebook would have set its sights on Clubhouse, the rising star of social networks born who has grown extremely during the pandemic. It has indeed seen a massive increase in recent times, from 600,000 active users in December 2020 to 2 million just over a month later.

Trainer training

This app is completely different from other mobile apps because it doesn’t offer any posts, messages, photos, videos, or hashtags. It is based solely on voice, animated by invitation only, and on the basis of a chat room. This room is classified by theme and can accommodate up to 5,000 people simultaneously, each.

Facebook tries to copy Clubhouse. Surprised ?

Facebook’s product is reportedly still in the early stages of development, so it’s unclear if and when it will actually launch. The news comes just five days after CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined Clubhouse and attended a room to talk about the future of augmented and virtual reality.

Surprising? Not really since the company has already done this with several other apps, including Instagram Reels, its competitor TikTok launched last year. In 2016, Instagram also launched Stories, one of Snapchat’s flagship features that allows users to share ephemeral videos and photos.

Twitter follows the trend

Twitter is also working on a Clubhouse competitor called Spaces, which is currently in beta. His team acquired social podcasting company Breaker, ostensibly for their social audio expertise, to help them achieve a similar audio chat feature.

Source: The New York Times