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Female entrepreneurship is still being debated at a time when more and more women are asking the question of career management and career development. But what about the income they can expect when they decide to cross the famous milestone of independence?

Some numbers


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It’s the
percentage of women entrepreneurs in 2017 according to the association
Women Entrepreneurs.


It’s the
percentage of women who think entrepreneurship is more fulfilling
than wages according to an OpinionWay barometer for PACE.

encouraging! Certainly.

However, beyond 10 employees there are no longer
that 14% of business leaders and 88% of them do not make a living

Networks and their objectives

Strengthened by this observation, some women have launched activity-oriented and advocacy movements. It is by no means a feminist movement but rather a means of generating business opportunities in a climate of benevolence.

All trades are represented and the principle of non-competition makes it possible not to create competition within the local antenna of a network. Often, the communication professions are over-represented and it is fashionable to vary the professions to enrich the exchanges and multiply the chances of gaining visibility.

Indeed, as shown by the 14% figure for the workforce beyond 10 employees, women often work alone as freelancers and their problem is to make themselves visible with potential customers. These networks are a chance to gain this visibility. It is a long-term approach that requires giving time and energy but the investment is generally profitable, as shown by the favorable membership renewal rate.

National networks
or local?

female, there are many.

Some initiatives are born locally and do not belong to any brand. A search on search engines or discussions with other women entrepreneurs will allow you to identify them. These networks then have their own identity.

National networks have also emerged and make it possible to rely on a logistical and communication structure to accelerate start-up. Local branches are created, like a franchise, with tools and processes that structure the offer and the approach. A frame is given.

Whatever network you are interested in, ladies, a key success factor is attendance at meetings. They generally take place once every 15 days or once a month.

From personal experience, after looking for the network that would suit me, I made the choice to create the local Bouge ta Boite circle in Annecy. The official launch was on February 14, 2019 and we benefited from a strong enthusiasm which bodes well and many business opportunities.

Ladies, get started! Is business waiting for us?