▷ Finance its digital marketing training with the Pôle Emploi -

Are you a job seeker registered with the job center and want to train to find a job or start a self-employed activity? The employment center, with its AIF (Individual Training Aid) device, can finance or co-finance with your CPF your training in digital marketing / webmarketing. Key information to apply …

In order to promote professional integration or retraining through the acquisition of new skills, the Pôle Emploi offers different solutions to job seekers to finance training in digital marketing or in another theme.

The objective: return to work and better employability.

Do you want to train in digital marketing? Click here to discover our journey “Developing your business with webmarketing”. Possibility of support via your CPF account or the AIF system of the Pôle Emploi.

Here are the steps to follow for training:

  1. Think about the skills you need to grow professionally.
  2. Identify training that meets your needs.
  3. Check your personal training account (CPF).
  4. Request an AIF quote with a training organization.
  5. Validate the quote and justify your request.
  6. Wait for the return of your Pôle Emploi advisor.

1: Think about the skills you need to grow professionally

Upstream, you must take stock of your current skills and those necessary to find a new position, or, if you are in the process of starting a business, those necessary for the development of your activity.

Likewise, take stock of your professional experience. The aim of the training will, of course, be to acquire the skills you need.

For our web marketing training, among job seekers, we often have two main profiles:

  1. People in retraining who need to update their professional skills in order to re-enter the job market.
  2. Business leaders or business takeover projects needing to develop the visibility of their activities via digital communication.

In both cases, the Pôle Emploi can help you in your professional training project.

However, be careful to choose the right training for your professional project. The goal of the Pôle Emploi being that you find a job or that you leave their base by creating a viable business.

2: Identify digital marketing training in line with your needs

After taking stock of the skills you need. Identify training in digital marketing that can be covered by the Pôle Emploi.

Please note: to be eligible for Pôle Emploi funding, the training organization must be registered with Pôle Emploi.

Good news, this is the case with our body 😊

If you are in the Ile de England region, you can go to the “Business challenges” site to find out all the eligible E-marketing training courses. Other sites of this type exist for other regions, ask your Pôle Emploi advisor.

Our “Develop your business with web marketing” certification and CPF qualification and Pôle Emploi funding is a good solution. With this certifying training, you will have a global view of the knowledge and skills to set up a web marketing strategy and carry out your digital project. The following topics will be covered: digital strategy, referencing, community management, mailing, Google Analytics and analytics monitoring, loyalty, digital influencers, crm and customer relations, ebusiness…

We have profiles at each session from the Pôle Emploi.

Moreover, after our certification, 82.4% of the participants are in professional activity 6 months after the end of the training. By the way, our courses and certifications for trainers, whether it is the “Creation and development of a training activity” course or the “Design and promotion of a digital training offer” course are also eligible for this type of funding. .

3: Check your personal training account (CPF)

Good to know : if you have enough credits on your CPF account to follow the digital marketing training that interests you, in this case you must go directly via the “My Training Account” platform. Funding via the Pôle Emploi AIF system can only be done if you do not have enough budget in your CPF account.

Note that the CPF is only available if the training is certified or diploma-based.

To check your training credit on your CPF account, go to the site moncompteformation.gouv.fr, log in to get the amount you have. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it with your social security number to find your credit.

In case you have enough credit, just make your request for digital marketing training via the platform “My Training Account”.

If this is your case, you can follow the links below to find our digital marketing training courses and register directly:

Note that we have discounts for job seekers compared to the rates displayed on the CPF platform, contact us via the form on our training page to find out more.

In case you do not have enough budget with your CPF account, get in touch with the digital marketing training organization to make an AIF quote with it.

4: Request an AIF quote with a training organization

Then, it is up to the training organization to initiate your request for a training action by submitting an AIF quote accompanied by a training plan to your Pôle Emploi account.

Everything is dematerialized, only organizations registered with the Pôle Emploi are accredited to do so. This is our case 😊

To find yourself on the Pôle Emploi computer system, the organization will need your jobseeker number as well as the city / postal code where your Pôle Emploi agency is located. Remember to prepare this information to send it to the organization.

The training organization can then create an AIF quote for your training in digital marketing.

5: Validate the quote on your Pôle Emploi space and motivate your request for digital marketing training

Then log into your Pôle Emploi account. You will then have access to the quote via the “My Training Course” section. Please note, connect from a computer, the options are not always accessible via mobile. Then click on “My funding requests” and then on the name of the course.

You just have to validate the quote by answering a few questions and clicking on “I accept the quote”.

Please note, if you do not validate the quote, your Pôle Emploi advisor will not have access to it.

Once the quote has been validated, make an appointment with your advisor to justify your training request. This is essential if you want a chance to get your funding.

6: Wait for the return of your Pôle Emploi advisor

At this point, all you have to do is wait for your advisor to return. Your request must go before a commission. The times are variable, count about 1 month.

In the event of acceptance, the training and educational costs will be fully covered by the Pôle Emploi. The organization will be informed and will accompany you for the rest.

Do you want to train in digital marketing and lead a digital transformation? Click here to discover our “Develop your business with webmarketing” course in person. Possibility of support via your CPF account or the AIF system of the Pôle Emploi.