Each day, new domain names and unpublished pages complete a web already densely supplied. Individuals and professionals are increasingly investing in this parallel universe to which all new technologies point, from the computer to the smartphone via the tablet.

A recent Hootsuite / We Are Social survey found that French people spend an average of 4.48 hours per day on the Internet, including 1.5 hours via mobile (in 2017). We can therefore understand the success of many influential sites, with a sometimes very specialized specialization. However, for a website, traffic is not only a moral satisfaction, it is above all the insurance of income thanks to the rental of dematerialized advertising spaces. But you still have to be able to find quality advertisers, a difficulty that different solutions can overcome, like the getfluence.com interface..

What ads for the web editor of tomorrow?

Among today’s influencers whose publications are widely reported on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media, some started out as “little” and at the very beginning of the web. They will have known not terrible designs and the advertising agency Google of the origins … Suffice to say that these first successes achieved thanks to high-flying content would be difficult to reproduce these days with analogous methods.

The good old display – with its banners, inserts and offensive pop-ups – still exists. But its economic benefits are less and less significant. As a result, demand is gradually falling and prices are following the same downward trend. Especially since a future update to Google Chrome will block some of these ads, not to mention browser extensions that already exist, like Adblock Plus.

In addition, these sometimes unsuitable, displaced or aesthetically very nasty advertising spaces do everything but “serious”. However, if an influential site in its field wants to maintain its leading position and inspire confidence in visitors, it must above all not make their navigation difficult or uncomfortable.

Influencer Marketing to Profit

In contrast to this messy way of looking at the com ‘, more and more web marketers and influencers are getting real results from influencer marketing and native advertising. Many leading websites now owe their turnover to this discreet, efficient and innovative way of selling advertising. There is nothing better to make its communities profitable likers and the work of community management.

The most difficult will be to enter into varied, fruitful and lasting partnerships. But there are bridges: one of the most effective is undoubtedly the getfluence.com platform, which has just been launched in a new and even more intuitive form. It’s a win-win for all partners.

Indeed, from the influencer’s point of view, the challenge is to earn money without damaging your image as a leading media or expert. And it’s even better if he can take advantage of it to increase his sympathy capital, his e-reputation in the process… While offering additional content that will create news, attract Internet users and always push more advertisers to jostle at the gate. Who wouldn’t want a virtuous circle so beneficial, showing that theinbound marketing also concerns publishers of monitored sites?

How do I find the perfect advertiser?

We have started to answer this question in the preceding lines. The basis is to start from its own resources. An address book will already offer some interesting opportunities, among his contacts. Word of mouth can then flesh out a little bit of the network embryo that will form in this way.

It’s a good start, but we’ll quickly reach a point of stagnation. In such a context, to change scale, it is necessary to know how to call on external service providers. An influencer will have every interest in doing it from the start, just to save time and ensure continuous growth. Among the main possibilities available, the most relevant seems to be the getfluence.com solution offered by the start-up DIGINOV. The latter is head of more than 200 media, so she is fully aware of the issues related to the notions of influencers, content, communication and advertisers. Here is a short video presentation of its platform bringing together editors of influential sites and advertisers of all kinds:

The offer in question is particularly flexible, available according to the needs of the partners. At the two ends of the chain, everyone can choose total or partial delegation, or even manage their own contacts and partnerships. Properly camouflaged sponsored articles, link placements and, soon, the most important orders for mentions on social media: the panel is complete so that publishers and advertisers can each find their way there. These are already, currently, more than 500 to order very regularly the infomercial, half of which are outside England.

Additional revenue for publishers

For the influencer looking for good ads, this is the best way to secure regular income with content that is original, authentic, targeted and relevant. The professionals and writers of getfluence.com benefit from the activities of their parent company of a solid experience which can now benefit from other media: more than 6,000 influential media sites and blogs have already been selected on the bridge.

The platform is now available in several languages: French of course, but also English, Spanish, German and Italian. ; which attests to the international ambitions of getfluence. The catalog of 6,000 sites offers advertisers a wide choice, including 40% of international sites. It will be understood: now, the influencer will only have a few clicks to do to cross borders and go far beyond his contact file!

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