Feeding your Instagram feed on a daily basis can be complicated. How to make sure to be regular, while being original and keeping the aesthetics of your thread? Discover some tips to control your visual communication without stressing…

Best practices of marketing influence

reech_v1How to identify the best influencers? How to structure the partnership? What remuneration should be defined? It is to answer these questions that Reech has written a guide to survival in this jungle of influence which lists the 12 best practices. Reech supports its customers by helping them bring out ambassadors and generate conversations and visibility around the products or services of a brand.

Define a publication calendar

This is the key to regularity. Defining a precise publication schedule with reminders will allow you to automate your posts and improve yourself every day. Analyze your target and plan your publications for the days and hours when it is most receptive. take care of note the type of photo you want to share, while leaving room for spontaneity.

For example, plan to post a photo of one of your products on Monday, an inspirational quote on Wednesday, and a repost of one of your customers over the weekend. In this way, you will avoid being scattered and will find it easier to find inspiration. Just search for the most relevant content in the categories that you will have defined at the start.

Do not neglect your watch

The bottom line in your Instagram communication is share content that reaches your audience. It is imperative to stay constantly on the lookout for trends, to observe the publications that generate the most interest with the target you are targeting. Once you’ve identified the content your prospects are looking for, you can offer them your version of these, adding your touch of originality.

Do you run a shoe store and do you see interest from your audience for photos of products in situation? Organize a mini photo session with a influencer, a friend of yours, or even you to show off your shoes, and post them!

Always have a photo to post

So as not to find yourself at the foot of the wall on Monday morning, without any idea of ​​what you are going to post: be forward-looking! Save each month in a separate folder the photos you have to post them on your networks.

Make sure you have a sufficient number of photos of different styles to allow you to choose according to the trends observed. Do not hesitate to create visuals yourself in advance for certain events of the year: Valentine’s Day, Sales, Christmas, Holidays … These are essential dates that facilitate your calendar of publications.

Don’t focus on your business goals

The construction of your community is established over time. Don’t just focus on sharing your products. Leave room for your imagination and spontaneity to build your brand image.

Allow yourself less targeted content to your business goals, share photos that match your brand identity and that of your audience. Do not hesitate to play the card of proximity with your customers. A photo of your coffee on Monday morning, ready to start the day might just as well speak to them!