SEO is the best strategy to apply to have a site visible on Google and make a living from his online business. You know it, and have optimized your site by doing some keyword research, incorporating the correct HTML tags, doing a good structure and working on the internal linking. Everything seems perfect to you. You are optimistic: in a few days you will be first on google. But the days go by, and nothing changes. Traffic is not improving. Unmotivated, you give up and plan ads on Google and social networks …

Indeed, being first on Google is not easy. There is, however, one important element that is often overlooked, but which can make all the difference: backlinks. A popular site is one that can be more easily seen on search engines. It takes time, which is why a young site often has trouble finding a place on Google, among sites that are already well established.

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Have a popular site to be visible on Google

SEO is made up of three pillars: technical, the content and the popularity. If one of them is not strong, the site will not be able to stand up and be powerful on Google.

Having a popular site is no small feat. It’s not enough to just share blog posts on social media. Of course, this is a good practice, as it can generate a lot of clicks. But it is in the very short term. You can’t count on it to hope approach the first place on Google.

Because what really appeals to the search engine is that other sites are talking about yours. It’s not up to you to put yourself forward with social media.

Having hundreds of social media followers is certainly a mark of trust, but what really makes a site popular are its backlinks.

A backlink is the link from a site that is present in other sites.

In fact, if a blog talks about another site, Google will understand that that site is relevant enough to be interested. If the operation is repeated several times, Google will trust the site we are talking about and highlight it in the search results.

But it is not that simple.

First, the backlinks must be numerous and regular. Doing one every now and then is not enough. The operation should take place over several months. Ideally, we should never stop obtaining it.

It is recommended to have 2 links in the first month, 4 in the second month, and 6 every other month. This is quite a strategy, because in addition to being numerous, these links must be in the right sites.

Indeed, these links must be present in sites of a common theme. If the site we are talking about is an e-commerce watch, there is no point in creating links in blogs on health or entrepreneurship. They would have no value.

To sum up, backlinks to specialized and high-authority sites bring invaluable added value to the natural referencing of a website. You have to be able to get hold of them, but that’s another story.

Netlinking, a long-term strategy

To be first on Google, you must therefore:

  • Have a technically well-constructed site;
  • Write relevant content;
  • Have backlinks.

But this is not enough. The most important thing to have is above all patience. SEO and netlinking are long term strategies. Sometimes it takes several months to see results.

Indeed, a brand new site will not be able to be first on Google, even if it is completely optimized. Google will give importance to older sites that are comfortably installed on the front page, sometimes for several years. Shaking up the hierarchy is not easy.

This is why certain sites are constantly at the top of Google: Wikipedia, Pinterest, or leaders in their fields such as Ikea, Sephora and Zalando. Even if their content is not always very relevant, they will be well positioned on Google, because they have a very high authority: everyone knows them. They naturally have many backlinks since these sites are real references. A newer site will have a hard time exceeding them, even if it is well optimized.

So, if you feel that your site is well optimized, but that it is still not in the first position, do not panic. Keep up the efforts: they will be rewarded in a few months!

Is it really important to be first on Google?

Being # 1 on Google is a goal sought after by all people who have an online business. Therefore, this is what most SEO specialists promise.

Are they right? Is Google’s number one position really a place of choice? And, in the worst case, can we be satisfied with the first page?

The answer on this graph, which comes to us from this site.

First results click-through rate on Google

We see that the site in first position in the SERP gets an average of 31.73% of clicks. Which means that about a third of internet users click on the first result.

Then the click-through rate drops sharply. Less than 10% for the fifth result; less than 5% for the seventh. The last three results on the first page have very little organic traffic.

According to the statistics, it is therefore necessary be in the top four search results to get traffic. But another study tells us more.

This is theeye tracking, a study which consists in analyzing what Internet users watch on the web. It is thus possible to know the “hot zones” of a site and of the SERP. We then find that Internet users only look at the first three results of the page.

To have traffic thanks to Google, you must not only be on the first page, but also be in the top three.

“Why am I not first on Google?”

This article aims to make entrepreneurs who are starting out on the web understand that being first on Google is not that easy. Google’s algorithm is very complex. There are a multitude of elements to take into account to be well placed on the search engine.

What the other articles explain is very correct: the Title tag, the URL, the keywords, the regularity and the optimized images are necessary to index a site. But the most important is often forgotten: popularity and patience.