If you’re a fan of inbound marketing or SEO, you know, content creation and blogging are business engines ! Yes but now, creating quality content that will interest your audience takes time. I can already hear you say “I don’t have time to blog, blah blah blah …”! I’m sure you have good reasons, but let me share with you these 7 techniques to FINALLY find time to blog!

1: Know your target and expectations

I don’t know what your blog is talking about, but the first step to be effective is to know your target and expectations. Avoid having too general a blog, determine a niche and focus on its expectations!

Before you even start writing, if you’ve never done it before, take the time to put your different targets in black and white : age, sex, place of residence, centers of interest, profession … The more you have a well identified target, the more you are able to have an easy dialogue with this target and therefore quickly to know which subjects to approach and from which way.

Similarly, if you have not yet taken the time to make a editorial charter, remember to lay the main foundations in order to know how to communicate with this target (tu / wow, vocabulary to use, style to practice …).

2: Have an active watch in your field of activity

Even if your target is very sharp, you should not be the only blog / site to want to communicate with it. Subscribe to as many sites as possible in this area to study the subjects that work with your “competitors” in order to find new ideas for subjects. So there, be careful, do not copy the subjects, take inspiration from them and develop your own approach.

For the day before, forget the newsletters, I advise you to take an RSS reader (Feedly for example) and you subscribe to a maximum of RSS. RSS monitoring allows you to browse a lot more content in a lot less time and as a bonus of not flooding your mailbox.

3: Get a topic idea file

Ideas for topics start as quickly as they happen! Make yourself a file (Goodle doc for example) with all the ideas of subjects you find during your waking or even in your daily life. So the day you decide to write for your blog, no more wasting time finding an idea for a topic, you start directly with what creates value: the actual creation of the content.

4: Program time slots to write and not be distracted

The only way to be sure of creating content is to hang time on it. Depending on your goal of items to be produced, set a time range monthly, weekly or daily. If you know that when you are in the creation phase, you can do several essays in a row, do a half day of writing marathon 🙂 If, conversely, at the end of an article, you are at the end of your force, prefer short ranges of an hour / an hour and a half.

5: Don’t get distracted by Facebook & co

Once the writing time has arrived, don’t get distracted: bye bye Facebook, Twitter, the mailbox and even the phone. Cut everything to focus on the essentials! If you really are a social media addict, you can help yourself with plugins blocking access to certain sites during a given period such as StayFocusd for Chrome for example. But hey I know that you are not addicted to this point, right 🙂

6: Organize your content to be effective

To write quickly and well, it is essential to properly structure its content. Before you start writing the first lines, develop a mini plan with the 3/4 points that you want to address. For example, for this article, before embarking on writing, I listed the 7 techniques I wanted to address in this post. If you still want to go further in the organization, you can help yourselfMind Mapping tools which allow you to organize your ideas visually. If you are looking for a tool of this type, an article on codeur.com in list 13, this may help you.

7: Curating content to write more effectively

We have seen that monitoring is essential, the curation of content can complement it. Use Evernote, Pinterest, or Feedly to set aside any content you find interesting during your sleep. Content curation will not only help you find ideas for topics, but it will also allow you to create new content: a selection of articles of the week in your topic by providing your analysis, for example.

As a bonus: a collaborative blog to go further

CWT Advertising & co’m is a collaborative blog, we are several to write on the site. This model allows us to offer more content without compromising on quality. Think 🙂

So … No more excuses, you know what you have to do!

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