▷ Flapit: a fan counter to materialize and engage your community 2020 -

A few weeks ago, I was explaining to you how the influencer Shonduras had boosted the engagement of his community thanks to a counter connected to his Youtube channel. This item is a great way to showcase your social networks and recruit new subscribers. Discover with us Flapit…

Flapit is a physical box displaying your subscribers on social networks. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or any other data via the API, you can materialize your community.

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How it works ?

facebook fan counter installation

Very simply, just connect the box to your Wifi network and then Flapit to one of your social networks. Configuration: 2 minutes top time.

Video presentation:

What purpose ?

Its fun aspect will encourage people to join your communities. Of course, we immediately think of businesses that can offer their customers to join their Facebook page. By adding, for example, a promotion for a new like or another. A simple and effective way to develop your fan base and build customer loyalty. The counter can also be integrated into a contest device. In this case, the Adpow solution presented above can help you.

If your company is present at a trade fair, it can also help to attract attention to your stand while bringing it to life.

promote your social networks at a trade show

A final example: Facebook lives. These are popular right now, as Shonduras did, embedding a physical counter in your live video can boost engagement on your live show.

10% on your fan count

The fan counter is offered at € 449. It is composed of 6 digits, so you have the margin to go up to 999,999 subscribers 🙂 And for this article, Flapit offers you a 10% reduction. When ordering, just enter the code WEBCOM10 to enjoy.

Are you convinced? Do you want to boost your point of sale, your stand at a future fair or your next Facebook live?

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Article written in collaboration with Flapit