▷ Focus on Skiller, the social network of companies 2020 -

Do you want to know how to install software, what is the CRM at the moment or what is the average salary of a PHP project manager? You need a collaborative platform for sharing professional skills. There are several such as the Skiller …

Presentation and concept

The first true collaborative knowledge exchange network, the Skiller platform was launched in January 2015 and already has over 1,200 members. With a timeline that represents 90% of the page, network members can ask and answer questions, like or even “reskill” (and this time, there is no character limit 🙂).

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The Skiller social network interface

The internet user can also subscribe to themes (for example innovation, commerce, project management, office automation, IT, etc.), personalize their profile and follow the other members of the platform.

Finally, on Skiller, each profile has a score: the more you help other members, the more your score grows.

Skiller’s values ​​and challenges

The self-help platform offers two main challenges: finding the answer to your question and making your knowledge and expertise known.

In the digital age, Skiller is fully in line with the culture of “knowledge management 2.0″ which aims to establish a collaborative spirit in the organization and optimization of knowledge. ” I have always been convinced that collaboration is more virtuous than competition! “, explains Jérôme Introvigne, founder of Skiller and former director of innovation management at the Poult biscuit factory.

We also note that Skiller is also one of these tools participating in this digital transition causing a real “uberization” of knowledge sharing. So, whether you’re a young entrepreneur or Marketing Director of a CAC 40 company, we all have a question to ask and an answer to give …

Image source : Shutterstock