▷ Football helps your business win on the business front 2020 -

The business has many similarities to the world of the ball: if you systematically shoot close to the goal, your business has no chance of winning on the business field. Here are some common issues and the tactics to immediately apply to move up the rankings …


Day 1: your texts contain spelling mistakes

Despite your intransigent defenders of syntax who stand in front of the guardian of correct spelling, gross mistakes tarnish your reputation.

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Depending on your field of activity, you can even get a red card with two suspension matches when these are too obvious!

Indeed, according to a study carried out in England, almost 60% of Internet users are ready to refuse to enter into a business relationship with a company that commits too many grammatical and spelling abuses.

WINNING TACTICS. Don’t settle for free proofreaders or your Word tool, but invest in software such as Antidote or Le Robert Correcteur. Ideally, seek the services of a correctional professional, who will sound your whistle if you fail to do so.

Day 2: your title is not punchy

A soft title is a bit like a Panama-Iran poster in the World Cup final: it makes you want to make a movie instead of being stuck in front of your post.

Let it be said, the title is your number 9 or 10: the most important element of your article. So take care of it!

WINNING TACTICS. Make your reader want to read you. Try to achieve with your title just half the effect that Cristiano Ronaldo has on most supporters when he drops the jersey!

Day 3: you don’t reveal relevant info first

When your texts revolve around the bush, they trigger a deep drowsiness.

You only have a few seconds (eight to be precise) to capture the attention of your visitors.

Forget the 15-minute observation round when two teams dare not engage.

Remember that in the web stadium, no one wants to attend extra time and a penalty shootout before knowing the name of the winner.

WINNING TACTICS. Do like Mbappé: say the essentials as quickly as possible. In other words, get straight to the point and don’t procrastinate passing the ball through the midfield.

Day 4: your texts are not aimed at your target audience

When you ignore the characteristics of your target audience, guessing their needs, choosing the arguments to convince them and the right tone to seduce them is as risky as betting their entire salary on the final victory of Luxembourg at the world cup .

We do not address the same way to prospects likely to invest in a high-end real estate promotion as we do to fans wishing to order a four-season pizza at halftime of the game.

WINNING TACTICS. Adopt the philosophy of the meticulous coach, who carefully studies the characteristics of his opponent before each match, and modifies his training accordingly.

Day 5: your texts are too factual or too sellable

Human beings process information sometimes in a logical and rational way, sometimes in an emotional and intuitive way.

Favoring one approach over the other can deprive you of the sympathy of part of the public.

As in any team, balance is strength: attacking artists, but also defending defenders.

WINNING TACTICS. Your texts should tickle both hemispheres. In other words, find the ideal compromise between the efficient and rational game of Mannshaft and the creative and emotional triangulations of Roja.

Day 6: your texts are full of keywords

The key words in your editorial work should be like a good referee on the pitch: go (almost) unnoticed.

Nothing more annoying, in fact, than a man in black whistling at each small hang or a Neymar rolling on the ground every two minutes. By analogy, reading the same keyword 432 times per article interrupts the reading flow.

WINNING TACTICS. Consider writing first for readers, then for engines. Find synonyms and different phrases to enhance your style and enrich your vocabulary. Quite the opposite of a post-game analysis by players, what!

Day 7: your texts talk about the technical characteristics of your products / services rather than customer benefits

Customers are much more likely to buy if you sell them a good night’s sleep rather than the details of how the mattress is made!

Likewise, if you tell someone to watch the replay of a completely crazy game, you will make them want much more than if you tell them about the game statistics.

Or, if you prefer, do not mention the age, size and size of your fabulous front center, but rather its ability to break through the enemy nets and cause panic in the most impenetrable defenses!

WINNING TACTICS. Identify and highlight all the benefits your customers get from your products and services. Talk about purely technical information last.

Day 8: your texts say too much or not enough

Verbiage is the equivalent of “kick and rush” so dear to the English of yesteryear: swing everything in a disorderly way!

Silence, on the contrary, is the apology for the Catenaccio of the great Italian era: to hide behind and refuse to reveal itself.

In the first case, the visitor ends up feeling nauseated. In the second, he remains hungry.

WINNING TACTICS. As a strategist you are, you have to find the right balance between attack and defense, between logorrhea and conciseness. A bit like the French team during the last world cup.

Day 9: your texts do not offer a call to action

Give voice with clear calls to action.

Text without a call to action is like playing at home in front of a crowd of deaf-mute supporters: the support of the twelfth man instantly dulls.

Like the master of ceremonies of ultras who coordinates the songs, it is sometimes necessary to take the visitor by the hand and to indicate him the exact behavior to adopt.

WINNING TACTICS. Inserting a “Subscribe now”, “Take advantage of our special offer now”, “Request a quote within 24 hours” or another call to action gives your texts leverage and can help you win many prospects .

Day 10: your texts have no subtitles or bulleted list

Internet users tend to scan pages rather than read them. Subtitles and bulleted lists are like the number and name on the players’ jersey: they allow for much faster reading, while facilitating overall understanding.


  • Much faster reading;
  • A facilitated understanding;
  • It’s better this way, right?

WINNING TACTICS. Like a trainer who makes up his team in 4-3-3, think about structuring your texts and airing them as much as possible, in order to improve the fluidity of the game. If your wingers come to occupy the position of defensive midfielder, this will be mismanagement !

Day 11: your texts are too narcissistic

You may be a champion, but don’t throw yourself too many flowers!

We are the best, the leaders, the forerunners; our products work miracles, last longer or are more practical; our services are the most complete, the most efficient. And blah, and blah…

Self-centeredness that makes Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho look modest.

Rather than flatter your CEO’s ego or increase the circumference of your own belly button, the texts on your site should only aim to answer the three questions that itch each visitor:

  • What benefits can I get from doing business with this company?
  • How will it improve my daily life?
  • Does it offer a solution to my problem?

WINNING TACTICS. Think first of all to solve the problems of your visitors. And when you talk about yourself, do it without excess or dithyrambs.

Day 12: your texts promise a lot, but your service leaves something to be desired

How many finals of major competitions, showing as enticing as a game between the selection of models from Victoria’s Secret and the team of Miss Universe candidates, end on a zero to nippy zero?

When it comes to writing texts, it’s a bit the same: when you make promises, you have to keep them. And above all demonstrate them in the field.

WINNING TACTICS. Avoid too much lag between what you say and what you actually do.

Day 13: your paragraphs total more than 10 lines

Your texts should be like the aces of the ball: neither too plump nor too skinny.

On the lawn, players who show a few extra pounds, because they have returned from injuries, for example, can not keep up and get out of breath quickly.

On the internet, it’s kif-kif: overly plump paragraphs prevent a quick and smooth reading.

Corollary: your visitors quickly declare forfeit.

WINNING TACTICS. Give your paragraphs the size of a Messi, the elegance of a Beckham and the agility of a Neymar.

Day 14: your tags are not optimized for search engines

Optimized tags allow search engines to offer users relevant content based on their request.

Without these tags, Google does not understand the subject of your page – like my wife when I try to explain the rule of offside! – and potential customers can’t find you.

WINNING TACTICS. To improve your positioning and your relevance in search engines, refine at all costs the two most important tags: the “title” tag of the page, which appears at the top of your browser, and the “H1 title tag” , that is, the main title of your text. Both must include the keywords for which you wish to be referenced.