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Today’s brands are creating a dizzying amount of content – and for good reason. According to a study by Havas Group, 84% of consumers expect to be offered such a volume. In addition, according to Forrester, consumers read an average of 11.4 content before making a purchase …

To meet this constant demand, your team must be agile and have a streamlined workflow that helps them create quality content efficiently and on a large scale. The good news ? Getty Images offers a series of tools to facilitate the workflow of the creative process, from design to delivery. The result: When your team has a great idea, you can get it to your customers when, where and how they want it.

The watchword: collaboration

Collaboration is playing an increasingly important role in projects. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, the time that managers and employees spend collaborating has increased by 50% in the past two decades. Having the right tools can make all the difference so that this process inspires creativity rather than additional problems.

At gettyimages.fr, you can create tables for specific projects and collaborate on files in real time with an unlimited number of users. Tables can be organized by project, theme or concept and can be shared to present your sources of inspiration, gather comments on specific images and exchange notes directly on individual files.

Real-time collaboration allows you to immediately agree on a shared vision and move a little further towards the finalization of your project to present it to your audience. To make it easier, Getty Images offers formulas that allow you to quickly download files and buy licenses directly from your Tableau to immediately use content in your project.

Plug-ins, extensions and integrations: what more could you ask for?

Creative teams should also take into account how they store, share and access their files when creating content. A survey by Nintex, a workflow and automation innovator, found that 49% of respondents had trouble finding documents, and 43% had difficulty sharing documents and managing validations. For creative teams, these unnecessary delays can translate into days, even weeks, to launch an idea.

Getty Images simplifies the work within the creative applications that your team uses every day. Example: If you work with Adobe Creative Cloud or Craft Stock by Invision, you can automatically search, download, and purchase file licenses without leaving the application— which makes your creative flow easier without constantly switching from program to program. ‘other.

With Dropbox integration, you can share your Getty Images files with team members so they’re all on the same creative wavelength. Are you writing the next blog post for your company and don’t have time to search for images? The WordPress plugin allows you to find, buy and publish files directly from the site.

Use our powerful search engine to find the images and videos you need

Finding the right images and videos can boost the creative process. Whether you’re looking to bring a general concept to life with amazing images and 4K video, or are working on a very specific idea, Getty Images’ powerful search tool can help you find what you need.

Indeed, users can search for any type of content, whether it is an object, such as a child’s backpack or a mobile device in store, or a more conceptual term like “mindfulness in the office.” From there, filters help refine search results. When you have a Getty Images subscription, you can filter the results to see only the images included in your plan.

It is also possible to go further with the advanced filters to display the number of people in an image, demographic information, specific locations or certain image styles. Advanced research helps creative teams quickly and efficiently identify images and videos that could match a brand’s style, project aesthetic, or the needs of a unique audience.

With the right processes and infrastructure, your creative team can produce the best of themselves for your brand and customers. Don’t slow down your creative process with tedious image searches or endless and time-consuming exchanges. Streamline collaboration with an unlimited number of users and boost your creative process with workflow tools and Getty Images solutions.

Find out what Getty Images can do to support the creativity of your team.

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