▷ Freelancers: How to find clients? 2020 -

You have the skills, the expertise and the energy to spare, but you have just started your activity, and nobody knows you? Discover some tips to quickly find prospects …


Create an SEO optimized website

Whatever your field of activity, the creation of a website is a must. If you got started, it’s because you know that the market exists and that your services are in demand.

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And what do we usually do when looking for a service? We are talking to our friend Google or one of his colleagues Bing, Yahoo !, Lilo and company.

Your objective: make sure to appear in the first results. Take care of your website and SEO, respect the guidelines literally and make sure you produce content regularly.

Your contact information must also be visible to allow your prospects to interact with you.

Take care of your LinkedIn page

Just like your website, your LinkedIn page is your storefront. The more neat and professional she looks, the more credibility you will gain.

Feel free to engage with other professionals in your area, comment, share, in short: get noticed!

Your name will start to appear often on the news feed dedicated to your field of activity, you establishing yourself as an authority figure.

Thanks to relevant exchanges, inspired sharing, you will gain the respect of your peers, but also of prospects (mainly in B2B) who are looking for an expert!

Promote your Facebook Page

Facebook is a great social network to help you develop your visibility. If you haven’t already, create your Facebook page by entering all your contact information, and adding professional and attractive visuals.

Start sharing content, articles, examples of your accomplishments. And use Facebook Ads ! Thanks to Facebook’s precise targeting, you’ll be able to contact you directly to profiles likely to be interested in your services.

Get started smoothly, by boosting your content to generate interest, make your page grow, before offer more incentive and marketing-oriented advertising.

Contribute to specialized journals / websites

To stand out, one of the best solutions is to list the journals and sites dedicated to your sector of activity. Contact them, and offer them to contribute to their editorial line!

Write articles, guides, offer advice via a media that already has high visibility will allow you to directly hit your target.

We live in a wonderful era, that of digital! The solutions to develop your visibility are multiple and accessible at low cost. But be careful, when you start, be careful not to fall too quickly into the commercial side. The first and most important step is to gain credibility in the eyes of your prospects.