Blogosphere – Freelancing, Personal branding, Clicks converted, Storytelling, Instagram Stories, Twitter algorithm… [Lu sur la blogosphère] – March 12, 2017
Niri Brusa Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

How to move from employee to self-employed gradually? 98% of your visitors are anonymous: how to convert them? How to stand out to stand out better? How does the Twitter algorithm work? Is this the end of the collaborative economy? Discover our new selection of news related to e-marketing. And don’t forget our little recap of CDI and internships. Happy reading 🙂

Job & co’m

job & co'mHere is a selection of offers to find on our website dedicated to digital job & co’m:

Training & Co'm


  1. Business developer Marketplace, Atlas For Men, Paris;
  2. Web project manager, Atlas For Men, Paris;
  3. Media Client Manager, Neo @ Ogilvy, Paris;
  4. Remote Client Advisor, Younited Credit, Paris;
  5. Marketing Manager, Getqonto, Paris.

All classified ads on Job & co’m

All classified ads on Job & co’m


  1. Community Manager, Buzzman, Paris;
  2. Digital Communication & PR Officer, DUOO Hopeful, Paris;
  3. CWT Advertising Project Manager Assistant, Younited Credit, Paris;
  4. Communication Officer, Swapcard, Paris;
  5. Community Manager, Feed., Paris.

All internship announcements on Job & co’m

Good Practices Twitter Ebook

Good practice guides on Twitter: Twitter has been a real visibility booster for CWT Advertising & co’m. When used well, Twitter, in addition to being a great place to exchange, can generate traffic and activity. With this guide, Sylvain Lembert, creator of the blog CWT Advertising & co’m, shares with you his experience and his communication techniques. Thanks to these good practices, you will have all the keys in hand to master Twitter and develop the audience of your site. Price: 9,90 € Download the ebook Twitter guides to good practices