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Idea generators mark the end of the idea search for bloggers (especially those who produce a lot of content). This idea generator will divert a tool known to everyone from its main use. The goal is for your English-speaking competitors to find ideas for you and send them to you by email. You just have to make your selection of article or video ideas

In this article we will see:

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  • How to use your English-speaking competitors to get ideas on the chain.
  • How to have article topics that are not yet covered in England (and finally differentiate your blog).

Article Ideas Generators

When we start our blog, we have ideas for articles that fall from the sky on demand. But a few months later, it’s something else entirely: the inspiration failure. We feel compelled to look at what other bloggers are doing on our subject and in the end, our articles are vulgar inspirations from different blogs and no added value emerges.

Get fresh article ideas

The concept is very simple, you have to create an email address that you will only use for you subscribe to newsletters from bloggers on your topic but in other countries. You can choose to view the content that interests you, but after a few months of using this system, I recommend that you simply read the article titles to make your content even more unique.

When another blogger on your topic publishes an article, you will be notified in your mailbox, which acts as an idea generator. Step by step, your inbox will turn into a list of cool ideas with subjects perhaps never broached on French-speaking networks. You may stand out for your differentiation.

Don’t stop there. The best source of ideas from generators are not newsletters. I have spotted some Youtubers in my field (always English-speaking) who produce a lot of content. They produce on average 1 to 2 videos per day. Whenever they publish a video, I am informed by email and I add it to my notebook where I list and develop my ideas before creating content. You just need to subscribe to the YouTube channel of the one who creates the videos and you will receive an email when his videos are published.

Optimize its idea generator

Since I use an email address to generate my content ideas, I have saved precious time by stopping looking for article or video ideas. This is what allows me to create an article from Monday to Friday effortlessly. There are a few precautions to take anyway with this idea generator, here they are:

  1. do not subscribe to newsletters from blogs in your country;
  2. subscribe only to Youtubers who produce a lot of content;
  3. never give your idea generator email.

To always have fresh article ideas, do not follow those of your topic in your language. At the risk of doing like 90% of bloggers in your market, copy each other to ultimately have a semblance of added value. It will also be the way for your blog to quickly differentiate itself thanks to your most innovative subjects (and all that without having to seek the ideas).

The second precaution that I would like to give you is to subscribe only to Youtubers who often produce videos (even for newsletters elsewhere). Because if you spend more time looking for producers of article ideas than looking for your own ideas, it’s the same thing. That’s why you have to choose the ones that produce the most to avoid having to search for new producers of ideas.

The rule of this last tip is obvious: your email address which will generate your ideas should not be communicated because it will only be used to list your ideas. If you start to share it, you will feel obliged to consult it whereas the goal is to consult it only when you want to create an article or a video.

Receive a list of article ideas

Here is an action plan to start using your idea generator:

  1. Create an email address which will be used only to receive the subjects of bloggers and Youtubers of your thematic;
  2. Find content producers and subscribe to their newsletters or Youtube channels to receive their content ideas by email;
  3. Choose your favorite subjects in your inbox and create your articles without going through the “blank page” box.

If you want a list of ideas right away, here are 23 types of content to create to vary your article creation. Just choose from the list before creating your next article.

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