▷ Get backlinks: 10 techniques successfully tested! 2020 -

Tired of reading theoretical articles from bloggers who don’t even test the methods they recommend? With my years of experience in the SEO field, I had time to test many techniques to get backlinks. I’m revealing 10 techniques I’ve used over the months that have all brought me back links. Supported screenshots, I show you CONCRETE how I did it. Focus.

1 – The technique of “surfing on the news”

This tip is very little known and yet it may be
extremely powerful. explanations:

google loves me workshop banner

As I watched the
“Political Show” program on England 2 one evening,
Marine Le Pen walks on the set with a plant called
“Tillandsia” by hand. For my part, I work among others
for a gardening site, and I remembered seeing a
article dedicated to the famous tillandsias.

Comfortably installed in my
couch, I tell myself that as of tomorrow, many sites will talk
certainly from the show, and maybe they will talk about the plant brought by
the leader of the National Rally.

And guess what? It does not have
missed! So I took the time to contact the sites in question to
ask them to add a link to my article on the tillandsias.
And bingo, two sites with strong domain authority replied to me
favorably: the Huffington Post and Opinion.

I also work for a
cooking site that wanted to improve the referencing of its dedicated article
to the best pasta recipes. So I waited for “world day
pasta ”on October 25 to contact the sites that have written a
news on this greedy subject. Technique that also worked:

Do not hesitate to consult the calendar of world days, you will inevitably find a date related to the theme of your site.

2 – The article invited to generate backlinks

Difficult to write an article on
“How to get back links” without mentioning the guest article.
Also called guest blogging, this technique involves writing an article on
another blogger’s site in exchange for the famous long-awaited location.

Guest article is an exchange
give-and-take: the blogger wins a (quality) article on his site
without having to do anything. It therefore saves time and a potential source of
additional traffic. While you on your side are earning a backlink,
but also exposure since you publish an article in the eyes of a
community that is not yours.

How do you prove that this technique works? Wouldn’t I be discreetly introducing a link to my YouTube channel and to my blog dedicated to the Gifing affiliate platform? Your turn to judge…

3 – Generate a backlink in exchange for a Facebook post

This is a very simple technique that I used to
many times to get backlinks. Your objective is as follows:
find a blog less known than yours, look for a page on this site that
could potentially host a link to one of your pages
you want to push, and then contact the targeted blogger.

Then offer him the following exchange:
“Would you agree to offer me a backlink in exchange for a publication
on my social media of one of your articles? “. This may be
Facebook, Instragram, Twitter… In the eyes of Google, the exchange is invisible.
And for the little blogger you contacted, be relayed on your network
social if you have a bigger community than him can help him
develop your audience. That’s why I said that the
blogger to contact had to be less “popular” than you.

I got a lot of backlinks by using
this tip, here is a proof:

4 – Win a backlink in exchange for a service

This fourth tip will
join the one mentioned above, except that it is accessible to more than
world in my opinion. The limit of relaying on social networks is that you have to
have a fairly large community on these famous networks. However, this is not the
everyone’s case!

However, you have
certainly something to offer in exchange for a link; Something
which may have nothing to do with providing visibility to the
person you contacted. This tip, I hadn’t thought of it myself
before one of the bloggers I was negotiating with linked me
following proposition:

Good idea Sophie! This
exchange totally invisible to Google allows to get a back link
without risk of penalty.

And you on your side, that
could you offer?

You have notions of
graphics? Why wouldn’t you suggest to the blogger that you
contact him to redo his banner or something?

Are you a photographer?
Why don’t you send one of your most beautiful framed photos to
sublimate the interior decoration of the blogger you contacted?

Whether you’re making video,
pottery or handcrafted jewelry, everything has a cash value! The proof, I
never thought of getting a backlink in exchange for a subscription to one of the
magazines I work for.

5 – The technique of the stolen photo

I was talking about photographer
a few lines above, but rest assured, you don’t have to be Henri
Cartier-Bresson to apply the method which I will explain to you below.

If you illustrate your articles by
blog with your own photos or images (this can be an infographic by
example), cross your fingers to get it “stung” by a
another site!

To verify this information,
simply go to Google Images then click on the small device
photo “search by image”. Choose the image that you think
would be more likely to have been used on another blog and then start
research. If you have spotted a “thief”, don’t wait any longer for the

In your contact email, I
invites you to write this: ” I
does not ask you to delete or even replace your photo. I also do not intend to file a complaint,
but could you at least quote my blog by adding a link to
the latter please? It’s the least you can believe
not ? 🙂 “

I always indicate that I
could potentially file a complaint for this content theft. Usually
bloggers run quickly because they know they are wrong and don’t want to
no trouble. The proof :

6 – The technique of the mention without link

This technique is very simple to
set up and allowed me to generate lots of backlinks without me
tread …

The goal is to find sites that
mention you without making any links. To find them, you can
use the following command in Google:

“Votresite.com” -inanchor: “votresite.com”
-site: “votresite.com”

Obviously, consider replacing
“Yourresite.com” by the real name of your site … This command
is not foolproof, but it will allow you to flush out some sites
having talked about you without making the connection that you surely deserve.

For my part I use this
method very regularly, and my results are quite satisfactory:

7 – Semrush and unrelated mentions

In the continuity of the method
previously seen, the Semrush tool can help you find
sites that speak to you automatically without linking to you.

The Semrush tool offers a
option ” Brand monitoring
which will allow you to enter the name of your brand. The tool you
will then reveal the blogs that mentioned you without making a link. here is the
type of report you may receive:

So yes, as you know
surely, the Semrush tool is not free. Except that it offers a trial period
7 days free. Amply sufficient to export the list of sites which
mention you and contact them to get your precious back link…

8 – Offer a triangular exchange

If you have multiple sites,
feel free to offer a “triangular” type of exchange to bloggers
that you contact. Google moderately appreciating cross link exchanges
deemed unnatural, you could circumvent the risk of penalty by proposing
an exchange of the type:

  • Your site A links to the blogger’s site B;
  • Blogger’s site B links to your site C.

Here is the type of mail you
could send:

Here I was asking for a link to
our gardening site to a site visibly dedicated to astrology. And that
fell well since the group for which I work owns another site
which offers content related to the theme of astrology.

The bridge between our two
sites were therefore all found!

9 – Find backlinks through directories

Technique as old as the world
(from the internet), but still operating at the dawn of 2020:
register your sites on directories. These will not be back links
more powerful than you will get, but if they can save you
a small place in SERPs, so why deprive yourself of it?

Prepare a standard mail, contact
all the directories of your subject (there are directories for almost all
topics), and wait to see if your site will be accepted or not. This
technique is not very long to set up, but can still you
report some results.

And then if these directories exist
always, it’s good that people are still looking at them. So if they
fall on your site from a directory, this will always be a small
source of additional traffic (it’s not just organic traffic in the
life !)

I got a backlink with
this technique for the gardening site that I’ve talked about several times
in this paper:

10 – Simply ask…

Why make it complicated when you
can make it simple? Sometimes just ask to get your

I remember when
I was trying to boost my famous dossier on pasta recipes, I had
analyzed the back links my competitors had obtained for their article better
positioned than mine. Some tools like Semrush, Moz or even Ubersuggest
(free), allow you to see the sites that link to your

In my case, I was looking for
papers which cited additional sources at the end of the article. And I’m finished
by finding my happiness as evidenced by the images below:

11 (Bonus) – Helpful?

I add this last tip in
bonus, because I never really tested it, but it still
reported a quality backlink without me doing it on purpose.

You must know Olivier Andrieu and his reference site on SEO, Abondance. One day, while browsing the Google SERPs, I discovered a novelty that had escaped me until then. I then send an email to the Pope of French SEO to ask him if what I had just seen was really something new made in Google or if I had just passed by.

The latter then replied that
it was indeed a novelty and he was going to make it a small article
on his site. And in return, I give it to you in a thousand …

Indeed, Olivier does not refuse. So, I got my quality link on an authority site without looking for it:

So who knows, by offering
article ideas or presenting news to bloggers, some of you
may offer to quote you as a thank you! AT

12 (Bonus number two) – How to find email addresses?

Last little bonus for you
be able to apply the eleven previous strategies (“This Thibault is really generous” he whispers
then in the assembly)

You can install a free extension called hunter.io which will allow you to find the hidden email addresses in the sites you want to contact. Once installed, simply click on the orange dog head (wolf?) To find the emails. Here is what happens in the case of CWT Advertising & Co’m:

You now have all
cards in hand to get backlinks, it’s up to you!