Niri Brusa Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m
At a time when teleworking is gaining ground, videoconferences are on the rise. The platforms have therefore (of course) taken the opportunity to update their features, such as when Google tackled Zoom or when it offers new G Suite security features. Giphy has also surfed on the trend …

Purchased by Facebook last May, the GIPHY platform is seeking to expand its offering with a new tool for creating personalized virtual meeting backgrounds.

Trainer training

You will be able to create animated meeting backgrounds to spice up your video calls …

Getting started is very easy. Just go to to find several pre-designed virtual backgrounds.

They were created by GIPHY, but can be accessorized with animated stickers, captions, filters, drawings, etc.

Enough to give you ideas for using GIFs differently. At the same time, this new strategy will allow GIPHY to strengthen its presence and expand the reach of Facebook.