▷ Go even further in optimizing your Instagram account: Combin 2.0 2020 -
Combin, which I
have already spoken to you, just released a new version. This will suit you
to permit to manage even more
efficient your Instagram account
, to automate what is possible
automate to focus on the most important: your content!After a minor update in December 2018 allowing to have more statistics on its Instagram account and to better manage its actions, Combin has just released an important update further strengthening the search possibilities among the profiles and publications of the social network.Before presenting them to you, I invite you, if this is not yet the case, to read the previous article: “6 steps to develop your community on Instagram” which allows you to set up a real strategy as well as the presentation article of Combin available here.

So: what
are the new features of this V2?

More advanced searches to find posts on Instagram

Combin already had pretty good filters for
find publications in its thematic on which to interact. But with
this new version goes much further!

You could already filter the publications by number of
like / comment to find engaging posts in your
thematic then select the publications you wanted to integrate into
your automation processes (see previous articles).

New filters
have appeared.
By clicking on “advanced search”
you can now filter by gender, language, recent activity, number of
followings or followers.

These multiple filters allow you to find the right ones
accounts to interact with while avoiding fakes.

Here, for example, I search for publications with the
hashtag #marketing published in the last two weeks with at least 34 likes
and 16 comments. Everything is customizable of course?

And what you can find in addition in the filters

New features specific to searching for accounts

There are also novelties on the side of the Instagram account search. More
classic research on followers, followings … that we already had in
the previous version. It is now possible to search for people
having liked or commented on a particular publication (by simply indicating
its URL).

It was a very popular option on the part of
users, Combin knew how to listen to them?

A new option has also been added to search in
user bios. Which can be handy for sourcing.

And finally, for those in a hurry who have no interest in
advanced searches, an “accelerated search” mode has been added
to get faster results (however, be careful, with this mode, you
will have less data in the results).

And after that ?

It’s not just the search system that was
improved! Once you have created your publication lists and
of users, in addition to the automatic interactions that it was already possible
to do, an export option allows you toexport your lists in CSV or XLS.

What can be useful for reports, crossbreeding
data or possibly use the data as part of scripts

Last small point for those who wish to use Combin
with multiple accounts (it is possible to connect up to 15 accounts),
proxy options have been added to avoid having problems with
Instagram ban.

For English speakers, I invite you to watch the webinar
that Combin did to present its new version. There are a lot of information
interesting practices:

It’s your turn !

You don’t know Combin yet? I invite you to create a free account on their
site. The free version already allows you to do a lot of things. For the
more intense uses, subscriptions start from € 12 a month.

Click here to test Combin

Article written in collaboration with Combin