Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

While Twitter recently tested machine translations of sent tweets, Facebook announced a new update in its machine translation tools. Good news for improving communication between users around the world …

The new functionality is based on Facebook’s “M2M-100” multilingual machine translation (MMT) model. This can translate 100 languages ​​without relying on English data.

Trainer training

At the time of translation, for example from Chinese to French, most English-centric multilingual models translate from Chinese to English first, then from English to French afterwards, because the data in English are more widely available.

Facebook’s new model directly drives data from Chinese to French to better preserve their meaning.

By removing the initial step of the first English translation, Facebook’s new system is no longer able to retain the original meaning of the text, which will help to maximize communication between Facebook users.