▷ Google Adwords: Automatically optimize your bids 2020 -

Google has just added a new optimization option for Adwords campaigns. These are automatic rules. They make it possible to program actions on the auctions according to certain criteria. This tool is currently only available to certain American advertisers. It should be extended to all advertisers in a few months …

Towards an integration of bidmanagement in the management of sponsored links?

Can some of you use bidmanagement tools? These allow you to manage, semi-automatically, sponsored link campaigns by setting rules that will modify your bids according to your objectives. This is the case, for example, Searchware edited by Tradedoubler. These tools are generally difficult to configure and, with the arrival of services directly integrated into the sponsored link platforms, for most advertisers, their interest decreases.

Google, for some time, has made many developments in this direction. Last August, the engine announced the launch of its CPC optimizer which adjusts it according to the conversion rates. Today, it continues to make progress in this area by announcing, for the American market, the launch of optimization rules.

What do Adwords optimization rules allow?

The Adwords optimization rules will allow you to change, according to certain criteria that you define, your bids, your budget and the status of your keywords.

This could be used, for example, to program the increase in bids at the launch of a special offer, to increase your bids to reach the first page on certain keywords (those containing balance or promotion for example), or even to increase the traffic of your site, on an ad hoc basis, at a predefined period …

There are many possibilities, and these rules should make life easier for search marketers who cannot afford to invest in a search engine. bidmanagement third.

Example of Adwords optimization rule implementation …

The goal is to create a rule to increase the CPC of expressions where we are positioned below the 4th position. To start, click on “Automate” then on “Change Max. CPC bids when… ”.

A window opens where you can configure your rule.

You can then indicate several options:

  • To which keywords apply the rule (here, all except those deleted);
  • What action to take: increase / decrease the auction by so many percent or so many euros;
  • The required condition (here, an average position less than 4);
  • The frequency of intervention.

Before saving your rule, you can “preview” its effect on your campaigns.

In summary, these automatic optimization options will make life easier for many ong>search marketers. We will keep you informed of his arrival in England 🙂

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Source: Inside Adwords