Sponsored Links – Google Adwords: Instant Preview Now Available for Google Sponsored Links – April 26, 2011

Launched a few months ago in Google serps, Instant Preview allows you to view the site before clicking on the search result. This is shown by a small magnifying glass next to the title of the site. This option is now also available on Adwords commercial links. This should increase the quality of their visits

Instant Preview displays a pre-visualization of the site and highlights the elements of the page most suited to the user’s request. A huge advantage for the user because he consciously chooses the link on which he will click. An advantage also for the site because the latter receives more qualified visits.

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These two advantages are now applicable to Adwords. This should allow advertisers to get more qualified clicks, avoid paying unnecessary visits and therefore lower their acquisition costs. In fact, clicks on Instant Preview are not billed to advertisers, only the click on the ad is.

This option launched yesterday in the United States is already available in England. You can see the results for the “insurance” query on the screenshot below.

Source: Inside Adwords