▷ Google and Bing go to war in the social field 2020 -

Google was quick to respond to the Bing / facebook merger to make research more social. After tests around the integration of Twitter in news searches, Google is about to display the number of shares via social networks of a page present in its results …

These displays are currently in the testing phase, only some have already seen them. As you can see on the screenshot, a “shared by” has been added to the right of related articles. A priori this only concerns news results.

google loves me workshop banner

By clicking on this link, you arrive on a real-time results page displaying the people sharing the article via Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.

While Bing prefers to display results related to the person’s contact network, Google displays all of the results from social networks. The future will tell us which engine makes the right choice.

Both options have their pros and cons. Personally I find it more relevant to display information about my contacts like Bing does, by displaying all of the social networks, like Google does, it may make a lot of noise making the analysis of the information confusing . At the same time we can trust Google to display only the relevant information. So to see depending on the developments of the coming months.

What do you think ?

Source: ReadWriteWeb