▷ Google announces developments for its social search 2020 -

As recently as yesterday, I was telling you about the partnership that Bing was about to launch with Facebook. Google was quick to respond to this announcement with its social search update. In a few weeks, the results will start to be personalized according to your network of contacts…

The social search update will be launched simultaneously in 19 languages, so we won’t have to wait to see this change in French search results.

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If Bing has chosen to focus its social section clearly on Facebook, Google highlights all social platforms. In the video, we see examples of integrations with Twitter, Blogger, Buzz and Flickr. Oddly no mention is made of the main Facebook social network but a priori the algorithm works with all networks from the moment they are connected to your Google account (to see the list of connected accounts, go here: Google Dashboard).

The results from your contacts will be integrated with the other types of results. These will be personalized according to the information you have provided via your Google account. If you want to take advantage of it, you must therefore fill in your different profiles.

The idea is that shares and recommendations from your social circle integrate with Google to help you find more personalized information. You can easily find pages created by your friends or content shared by them.

Source: Google Social Blog

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What do you think is the most relevant social integration, that of Bing or that of Google?