Via Google News Blog, the engine gives 8 tips to improve the indexing of its site in the news section. It is important to pay attention to the body of the article, how to insert images, URLs …

improve google news indexing

1 – Have a clean item body
It is important that the body of the article is not cut by other elements of the site such as tags, sidebars, advertisements … Google also indicates that it is good to have the title of the article close to the body of the article.

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2 – Choose permanent and unique URLs
Articles must not exist under two different URLs, the URL must be unique and must not change during the life of the article. URLs must also contain a number / ID with at least three digits without looking like a date. (we will avoid type ID 022009 for example).

3 – Take advantage of the attributes that can be used in the sitemap
The Google News sitemap allows the use of many attributes to specify information about articles. They allow for example to inform the topic of the article thanks to keywords.

4 – Pay attention to your encoding
If you indicate that you are using UTF-8 encoding do not use ISO encoding and vice versa.

5 – Explain your publication dates
The date of publication must be clearly highlighted. It should be placed right between the title and the body of the article. The date can have several forms but for the sitemap the following form must be respected: 2008-12-29T06: 30: 00Z

6 – Do not mix articles and press releases
As Google indicates in its results when an article is a press release, it is important to have a separate section for press releases. Links to press releases must be in no follow.

7 – Format your images correctly
In order to see an image appear next to your article in the results of Google News, use images with normal size formats, enter the alt attribute, prefer the jpeg format and do not put links on the images. For more info on this, I invite you to read the article “How to publish your images on Google News” on Zorgloob.

8 – Fill in your titles for Google News
Stay consistent between your article title and your Title (in metas), these two titles must be identical. The title must be surrounded by H1 tags.

I will try to apply these principles, especially for images, so far CWT Advertising & co’m not yet had an image next to articles indexed in Google News…

Source: Google News Blog.