While Adobe has worked on the flash format for better consideration by search engines, Google has announced that it takes better account of sites entirely in flash. The texts contained in a flash animation are now understood by the engine…

This concerns flash files having textual content, the images contained in an animation are not yet taken into account. This is still a big step forward for Google: it goes from classic text content to flash gadgets such as buttons and menu.

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Flash content is therefore better understood, it can be taken up to be displayed in snippets (description appearing in the engine results) and it can be optimized to position itself in natural reference.

The URLs appearing in a flash file are also detected by Google, on the other hand these should not be in javascript because they are still not well taken into account by the engine.

Google has developed an algorithm for its robots to see flash sites in the same way as a visitor: text, menus, etc.

There is nothing to do to see his flash site referenced, we can still think now of optimizing the texts of a site in flash in the same way as a site in classic HTML.

sources : Google Webmaster Central, Official Google Blog.
Connections : Matt Cutts, Search Engine Land.