Seen on Webrankinfo, Google will test a new type of display for snippets (the site descriptions that appear in the engine results pages), several options would be offered to the user: display only the title, display a description short as currently and finally display a long description of the site…

New Google Snippet display

As you can see on the screenshot, 3 buttons are available: S, M and L, these allow you to select the snippet display mode :

  • S : this option deletes the description to leave only the title of the site;
  • M : this option leaves the usual short description;
  • The : this last option displays a long description mixing the description found in the corresponding Meta tag as well as the content found in the page and finally the Sitelinks.

This display is in the testing phase on a panel of users, if the tests are successful, this may be displayed in general. Will there be a new meta tag to fill in the long description or will it be done automatically, that remains to be seen.

From an ergonomic point of view, both the long descriptions and the display of the title alone seem a bit dubious … What would be nice is to leave the current display with an option for each result line allowing to display a long description for the sites that attract our attention (rather than at the top of the page for all the results).

And you, what do you think ?

Source: Webrankinfo.