▷ Google: Panda Vs Penguin 2020 -

A year ago, Hurricane Google Panda devastated the SEO world by updating the Google algorithm to highlight sites with “original, unique and quality” content. Panda had been a real plague for many sites like Ciao or Twenga. Indeed, the update degraded, in particular, the content farms and the price comparators. Some sites were then seen black listed or sent in the sandbox … The reasons for this downgrade are multiple: spam on forums, profuse unnatural backlinks, links from sites “penalized” or associated with spam, etc.

At the end of April, less than a year after the passage of the white and black bear, it was the palmiped’s turn to approximate the process of making drooling at SEO professionals: Google Penguin. Apparently, the choice of these two animals (the panda and the penguin) would be due to the fact that they are white and black and would represent the White Hat (the “nice referencers”) and the Black Hat (the “bad referencers”). So you know what to expect …

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But what are the different additions that Google Penguin represents to Google Panda?

A permanent evolution

If Google Panda used to run every month to check that your site is working properly, Google Penguin will do that every day! What can be seen as more or less good. Because on the one hand, when you are penalized, you can completely remedy the problem by making the necessary modifications and it will be resolved quickly. But on the other hand, if you make an excess, then the sanction can fall all the more quickly …

The social aspect

The social aspect would not be really taken into account in the algorithm of Google but it would represent an aspect favoring this one. Basically, if the referencing of your site is not perfect but your presence on social networks is optimal then it could be that your site is reached to a lesser extent.

A complement more than a real evolution

google penguin The back links coming from pages not corresponding to your thematic, backlinks coming from press releases, overly optimized and repetitive text anchors… In general, Penguin is more a complement to Google Panda than a real upheaval of the Google algorithm. However, the practices of netlinking and, above all, the force-feeding of keywords will be better and better unearthed and sanctioned. Apparently, these two aspects are clearly in the viewfinder of Google.

Some also use this increased vigilance of Google against the current. The NegativeSeo.me site offers, for example, to literally destroy the positioning of its competitors by accumulating negative netlinkings to their sites. It’s not very fairplay but it looks like there are buyers. However, certain sites such as the seofaststart.com site have already been sanctioned for such practices.

By strengthening the severity of its algorithm, Google is regularly accused by its consumers of wanting to highlight its own sites: Youtube, Gmail, and especially Google Shopping and Google +! So before the arrival of new Google updates (whether they are Google Gorilla, Google Tapenade or Google Macaron): Nothing beats an effective SEO but resonates by not giving in to all the facilities. Avoid over-optimization and prefer the quality of the links to the quantity of links … and yet: we must admit that it is tempting!

And you readers, have you felt a direct impact of Google Penguin on the SEO of your site?