▷ Google Penguin 1.1: don't put all your eggs in one basket 2020 -

Google does not let itself go right now by getting us updates you want here. This was particularly the case the night of June 5 to 6, 2012 with Google Penguin 1.1. And it hurt again after the first set up on April 25.

Little reminder on Google Penguin

It is true that between Panda and Penguin, it is easy to get lost. Penguin is actually a filter against over-optimization. So forget the URL – Title – H1 triplet with your favorite keyword, forget from time to time your favorite expression in your link anchors, forget about easy link acquisition techniques that do nothing but SEO. You have to move up a gear by thinking quality ! It has been said for several years, but now that we are moving in serps, it is time to act. Besides, as the serpometer shows, it was a storm warning yesterday.

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The 5 crimes not to commit for not seeing the Penguin approach

Having an overly optimized site

Url, title, h1 stuffed with keywords. Think of your visitors first when you write content. If the visitor likes it, Google will like it.

Have an attractive offer before thinking about publicizing it. The more effort you make to present your services and products, the better your site will be. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But it is with many tests that we manage to optimize our site: think ergonomics and accessibility in particular.

Make only optimized links

We are talking about a limit of 50% of optimized links, but there is no real figure, the most important is to have a natural link profile, so some optimized links, others on the long tail , and some of them on totally unoptimized terms (url, click here, see the site,…).

Use only platforms to link

Press releases, directories, digg-likes, it’s all well and good, it’s not difficult (even if it requires more and more writing efforts). But does that seem really useful to someone for these links? Why not join the editorial team of a high profile blog specializing in your industry for example? For e-commerce sites, you should not bet everything on SEO, you must use all the traffic acquisition techniques available to you: advertising (banners, affiliation), price comparators, sponsored links, …

Get out of its theme

What is the point of writing an article on a cosmetic site for your real estate diagnostic activity? No ! So do not exchange links with non-thematic sites. Try to develop a real partnership with complementary sites to yours: guest blogging, exchange of messages on the facebook page, section in a newsletter. All this will help you to develop your notoriety, with Internet users at first but also with Google afterwards thanks to the different interactions that Internet users may have about your site.

Rest on its laurels

If you tell yourself that everything is won when your site is running well, you will certainly go back. Who does not move back. Your competitors will not wait for them, so you will always have to be on the warpath and seek to improve your site, your offer.

In short

marketing This talk has more to do with marketing than with SEO you will tell me, and you are right. But it is because SEO cannot be the only card we play, you have to bet on all the techniques at our disposal to move forward. And Google is helping us to understand this with its increasingly frequent and intense updates.

You may have noticed, but the sites that are most affected are not e-commerce. The reason ? Often, they don’t put all their eggs in one basket!

Finally, this update of Google Penguin 1.1 does not teach us much more than the first, except that we have to think more globally. SEO is not enough in itself.