▷ Google Penguin 4 came out at night 2020 -

All your positioning reports, Google Penguin 4 (or 2.0 as Google announces) was launched the night of May 22-23 as announced by Matt Cutts on his blog. The algorithm has been updated on all languages ​​and this new filter would impact 2.3% of English queries according to Matt Cutts …

So watch for the impact the update has had on your sites.

Do not hesitate to give your conclusions in the comments of this article, this will give a slightly more global view of this Penguin update.

Our conclusions on the spot

According to our first conclusions, the impact seems to be much weaker than the first launch of Penguin. Probably because we have been better prepared for the past year.

The battlefield of Google remains the same, fighting the links of too low quality and which do not seem natural. Therefore, the more your netlinking will be logical and thematic, the more your positions will hold and improve even compared to your competitors who will drop them!

Another confirmation that natural referencing tends more and more towards classic marketing.


We look forward to your comments!