The Internet has completely changed the way businesses do business. Your company’s web presence is of utmost importance to its profitability. Is your local SEO strategy optimized?…

Used by marketing, the concept of geolocation aims to optimize the location and localization of a company according to the potential that the current and future market represents for the field in which this company works. For example, an Apple store would be more interested in having a storefront in the heart of a densely populated urban center than in the middle of the countryside. We will then study the type of business located nearby in order to position itself close to a complementary product / service business in order to benefit from the positive elasticity ratio which mutually stimulates attendance and sales.

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The concept also applies to Google’s search results. Depending on where the searcher is located, the results will be presented based on the most relevant results. So, depending on the size of your market and the nature of your product or service, you should adopt a local SEO strategy to optimize your positioning in search engines and thus obtain a better conversion rate on the part of your consumers.

What is a good local SEO strategy?

Studies show that more than 20% of searches in Google are local, that is, they are connected to a physical place. In addition, research has shown that more than 80% of a home’s budget is spent within 50 km of their home.

In light of these elements, Google has developed a service allowing us to find the most relevant addresses according to our geographic location. Indeed with Google Places, you can have a geographic reference of your business directly in organic search results and in Google Maps.

When we know that Google gives a lot of importance to local results, we quickly realize that it is essential for each company to create a profile page for Google Places, in order to ensure free good visibility for the business in search engines.

Your business listing may have already been created automatically from information collected by other sites. Search Google Maps to see if your listing already exists. If so, you can make a request to Google to claim it and be able to change its information.

Optimize your Google Places profile page

When you create or modify your file, it is important not to neglect any information. Here are some quick tips for having an optimized Google Address page:

  • Company Name: It is advisable not to put keywords, just put the name of the company.
  • Phone : Must be the unique, non-traceable phone number.
  • URL: The URL must be the same as the main URL for your site, because the information created in the Google Places profile will be merged with the organic search result.
  • Category: The choice of category is really essential to ensure a good presence. Make sure to research your important keywords and see which category your main competitors are in.
  • Description: The description of your business must be unique and contain at most 250 characters. Do not forget to insert your keywords as naturally as possible.

In short, take advantage of all the fields, fill in everything and avoid at all costs improperly loading your keyword file.

Classification factors

How to rank at the top of search results for local search? Google’s local search algorithm has three critical variables:

  • Relevance : Google will present results based on relevance to the keywords in the query. For example for the request “coffee in Montreal”, Google will display the cafes only and not the other restaurants. It is therefore important to make a optimized keyword research and as relevant as possible.
  • The predominance: Google will display results based on the popularity of your business. This popularity is calculated based on the number of reviews consolidated from multiple social sites and the number and quality of mentions of your business collected by Google on the web.
  • The distance : The results returned will of course be displayed according to the distance at which your company is located in relation to the person doing the research.

In short, Google Places must be part of the web strategy of any local business. More and more consumers are using Google Maps from their computer or mobile phone to find a nearby business. Claim your Google Places profile today!