Mobile users have 4 main ways to discover a new application on stores: by word of mouth, by clicking on an advertisement, via search by category (rankings) and via search by keyword (search). Depending on the application, search can represent between 20 to 50% of download sources …

Since August 2015, Google has offered advertisers the opportunity to bid on keywords to improve their appearance on queries made on the Google Play Store. In the example opposite, Sharette ran an auction campaign on the keyword “carpooling” and appears in first place on the Google Play Store, ahead of her competitors.

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Why do Google Search campaigns?

  • Master your ranking : Thanks to sponsored ads, by bidding on the right keywords, you can appear among the first results of a keyword search. In addition, you are no longer at the mercy of Google’s algorithms (which calculate your rank of appearance based on the number of downloads, retention and user rating);
  • Acquire qualified users : Users who type in a specific keyword in the store may be interested in the related application. In-app download and engagement rates are generally good;
  • Have high visibility : a sponsored ad on the Google Play Store reaches a potential audience of around one billion users of the Google Play Store in more than 190 countries;
  • Take advantage of a lower CPI : the search is already targeted by the user with their keywords. Therefore, if the keyword is well chosen for the application, the user will probably be satisfied with the first result and will download the application. In the current competitive environment, for many applications and by choosing the right keywords, the cost per installation is lower than display advertising;
  • Outperform your competitors : Thanks to the keyword auction, you can rank ahead of your competitors in the Google Play Store ranking. For example, Uber is in front of the Private Driver according to the Google algorithm. But Chauffeur Privé has bid on the word “uber”, so it appears first against Uber.

Google Search, a new opportunity for mobile advertisers

How to test Google Search?

Search on mobile is now a lever as important as other sources of acquisition, even more interesting with better results for certain applications.

However, this is not the last news, as Google is continuously improving its tools to allow developers to promote their applications. In particular, a new functionality is still being developed: Universal App Campaigns. With a single campaign, it will be possible to create an advertisement targeting an audience and defining a maximum budget and CPI. You can also broadcast this ad in one click to all Google entities (YouTube, Search, AdMob, mobile sites, etc.).

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