▷ Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) launches its new section "Search Analysis" 2020 -

In February, Google Webmaster Tools (or Search Console) launched a new section in private test version. This new tool has now been launched for all users under the name “Research Analysis” …We review how this new section works and how it can help you improve your SEO efforts, as well as the changes incorporated in this section following comments from those who had access to the test version.

Use of the “Research Analysis” section

The new menu “Search analysis” allows you to see very clearly the number of clicks, the total number of impressions, the average CTR and the average position of your site on the internet. The main change from the previously available menu (called “Search Queries”) is the ability to view these characteristics for one of the six dimensions saved by Google: country, query, pages, dates, devices, and types of research.

The ability to filter these dimensions therefore allows the webmaster to analyze the site data for a given characteristic, and in theory should make it easier to visualize the different parts of the site that need to be improved.

The latest version of this section cuts across a large amount of data from the old “Search Queries” report, which it replaces, but allows the data to be segmented in any way desired by the user. So, for example, if you want to see video search data from the last 7 days on mobile in England – you can simply select all of these dimension filters, and the tool shows you a perfectly segmented view of that data!

The available dimensions are as follows:


The “Devices” dimension allows you to see the main data (clicks, impressions, CTR and / or position) depending on the device used (mobile, computer or tablet).

Google search console


The “Queries” dimension is the one that allows you to view the queries that Internet users have typed on Google in order to find you. It is therefore a question of knowing through this section if your keywords are relevant or not to your activity.

Google search console


This dimension allows you to filter the data for a desired country, and see in which country your site is most successful.

Google search console

Type of research

The “type of search” dimension makes it possible to highlight the various search properties of Google and allows you to understand the proportion of conventional queries on the web search engine vs video / image searches.

Google search console


Regarding the dimension “Dates” you can choose the period during which you want to see the analysis. You can currently go back up to 90 days. The last statement of your information on your site is done until D-5. The Date Comparison function is particularly interesting if you want to visualize the success of a SEO campaign through a Before SEO / After SEO graphic.

Google search console

Main changes compared to the test version

Following comments from the agencies selected to test the first version of this new tool, Google has improved the options available. For example, the four options (clicks, impressions, CTR and position) previously could not all be selected together, only two at a time. It’s now possible.

Similarly, it was not possible in the test version to apply a filter on the type of search (web, video or image). This problem was resolved by Google before making this tool available to the general public.

Note, this section was launched in February under the name Search Impact, then renamed later Search Analytics.


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