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3 questions to the startup “GraphyStories”

Hello Antoine, can you introduce “Graphystories” to us?

GS is a SaaS platform which synthesizes data from social networks as well as websites and makes it intelligible for all content creation professionals.
It provides, in preview, to marketing professionals, newsrooms and community managers the best of the content as well as essential statistics on the performance of their editorial activities.

1. BEFORE WRITING: Discovery of content & predictive algorithms


The tool analyzes Google Trends and articles published by more than 10,000 international websites and social media pages. For each article published by the major media, the application polls Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and collects all of the shares on these platforms.

Thanks to our predictive algorithm, GraphyStories delivers the most popular content in preview to community managers, journalists and editor-in-chief so that they can write ever more engaging articles. We have also developed specific performance indicators in order to identify the potential of this or that content, this is called “pre-viral”.

2. DURING THE EDITOR: News Builder


Each day, GraphyStories dismantles more than 85,000 articles to reveal the best bricks integrated into their content and from social networks. Our users can filter the news by YouTube video, Tweet, Instagram photo or Facebook post and video. By automatically providing the most promising sources of pre-viral articles, we help content professionals to write richer and more engaging articles themselves.

3. AFTER DRAFTING: Social media & Monitoring


GraphyStories also makes it possible to monitor the social performance of Facebook pages, and of websites as a whole. It provides precise data on the content that generates the most fans, the types of publication, the best times to publish. By comparing your page to those of your competitors, it is then possible to set achievable objectives in terms of frequency of publication or social interactions per publication.


How did the idea for this project come about?

In 2011, we were selected by Facebook as Preferred Marketing Developer through our social media agency OpenGraphy.


At the time, instead of focusing on community management as a service to businesses, we had created an offer to socialize media sites.

Our service consisted in integrating Facebook technologies on sites with a large audience in order to generate more interactions from the social network and facilitate the registration of visitors.

This involved integrating Open Graph, social plugins and Facebook Connect.

Once the sites started to generate more social interactions on dozens of content published daily, the need arose to monitor the social performance of their content on all platforms in a single interface.

Finally, by working for one, two, then three clients, we understood that the strength of the tool also lay in its ability to discover new content through the crossing of several sources.

This is how we came to couple the functionality of “Page-Centric” or “Domain-centric” analysis with web and social network monitoring functions as a whole.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

We continue to focus on developing the tool and its functionality for the media.

The market is evolving quickly, new platforms are emerging and there are also more and more sources to deal with.

At the same time, we will develop additional functionalities to help brands also create more engaging content.

About Graphystories

Find Graphystories on the site, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Do not hesitate to test their tool, the first 14 days are free.