Going into e-commerce is an increasingly common practice for “start-ups” and web entrepreneurs of these “pure-players” must know how to develop their business, relying on the growth hacking techniques “. According to Julien Devoir, growth hacking can be described as the set of actions taken by an individual, the Growth Hacker, to promote and ensure the rapid growth of a product and / or service …

Growth hacking is a new form of viral marketing. The more engaged the customers, the more likely they are to share their experiences in their community. For a “growth hacker”, viral exposure of content is essential, because he is also a “web marketer” responsible for the exponential growth of his business.

In my opinion, growth hacking should be seen as an ambition to develop a business in the e-business context, so that it can become a benchmark in its market with less financial resources spent. Likewise, growth hacking is the ability to promote activity in a different way, in a constantly changing market. Every web entrepreneur should consider doing things better than their competitors.

Web entrepreneurs must take into account the challenges concerning the approach of their customers, their expectations and their online reputation, but also the winning techniques of growth hacking.

The “Growth Hacking Framework” developed by Donckers (2013) seems very relevant to me in order to identify Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing techniques related to growth hacking:

Type of Web MarketingTechnical growth hackingGoalExamples
Inbound MarketingNatural referencing (SEO)Maximize site trafficUnique titles, meta-tags, site loading times, web design etc.
blogIncreased visibility of a brand / organization / personCustomer studies, positioning studies, focusing on a message having an impact on the target audience
WebinarIdentity and notorietyOnline seminars focused on learning or marketing
E-mailIncreased visibility of a brand / organization / personNewsletters, customer reactivation emails
Social mediaGenerate traffic and increased visibility of a brand / organization / personSharing relevant content via social media
Outbound MarketingPaid referencingGenerate trafficGoogle Adwords, Bing Ads
Display advertisingGenerate trafficQuantcast Ads, Adroll, Premium Publishers
Affiliate ProgramsGenerate trafficContent Marketing and Price Comparators

Adaptation from: Donckers.co

I had the chance to collaborate with two web entrepreneurs who succeeded in developing their business by taking advantage of techniques related to growth hacking (Louis Havriliuc from simbound.com and Marius Geru from www.thecon.ro). These exchanges were an enriching experience and allowed me to learn a lot of practical things in the field of CWT Advertising.

I now aim to conduct research aimed at analyzing the perception of different entrepreneurs from several countries on the effectiveness of growth hacking techniques. A summary of the results of this research may be published as part of a future article on CWT Advertising & co’m.

In conclusion, generating business using the Internet, looking at online media investments in a different way provides an opportunity to reinvent success strategies, using growth hacking techniques. What do you think ?