The end-of-year period represents a significant part of the turnover of the e-commerce sector: between Christmas, Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, e-buyers have many opportunities to add products to the basket and buy online. But to succeed in this sales period, merchant sites must redouble their efforts to attract the maximum number of Internet users and convert them into buyers. Let’s discover the 5 strategies that work in this new e-commerce guide published by Trustpilot.

Black Friday and Christmas: two CA generating events not to be missed

Trustpilot, the world leader in advisory platforms, has just published a new guide entitled “How to prepare your online store for Christmas?“. This practical e-commerce guide presents various strategies to maximize your sales and meet the specific expectations of consumers during this period.

You should know that the Christmas sales period 2017 saw strong growth compared to 2016, with a 24% increase in transactions, 30% in turnover and 4% in the average basket.

As for the cyber weekend period, which begins on Friday from Black Friday and ends the following Monday with Cyber ​​Monday, the average basket also increased by 22 euros in 2017, from 76 to 98 euros. This success can be explained in particular by increasingly comprehensive and attractive offers from French e-merchants, and strong consumer demand during the holiday season, while wanting to do good business .

Download the e-commerce guide for successful end-of-year sales

This complete guide presents the various axes to work in priority to succeed in this crucial sales season: the personalization of the content, the loading time, the customer reviews, the optimization of the mobile experience, the order tunnel… all subjects keys are discussed to help you succeed in your year-end sales.

For more information, we invite you to download the complete Trustpilot guide.

Article written in collaboration with Trustpilot