A new guide on sponsored links, and in particular Google Adwords, has just entered the bookstore. On this occasion Florian Marlin, the author, was kind enough to answer our questions. Discover the interview and the presentation of this new work …

Hello Florian, can you present the book to us?

The Guide to Sponsored Links is actually a new version of a first book released in April 2012. The principle remains the same: a system of concrete Q&A on the issues that web marketers really face in front of their AdWords campaigns. These questions were really asked during my Search Marketer experience for 7 years, so I think many other marketers are asking them!

From basic questions for neophytes (setting up a campaign, investment required, etc.) to questions for experienced users (precise optimizations, improvement of the Quality Score, essential settings, etc.), this version also covers expert subjects (such as scripts. , Google Shopping and DSA campaigns). You will know everything about Google AdWords & Bing Ads thanks to these 150 Questions / Answers.

And if you do not find the answer to your question (which would surprise me ;-), I invite you to leave me your question to answer it in the next edition!

What are the latest additions to Google AdWords?

They are very numerous, Google has not been idle in recent months on new products. The most significant of 2014 was the advent of Google Shopping campaigns for e-merchants, to replace the laborious PLA campaigns. These campaigns to display photos produced directly in Google’s search results are generally much more profitable than conventional campaigns, so they are essential (go to question 122 and 123 of the book to learn how to launch and optimize your Shopping campaign. )

Earlier in 2013, it was the so-called “universal” campaigns imposed by Google that turned the usual management of AdWords campaigns upside down, notably by adding new restrictions and modifying habits (Question 60). The AdWords interface has also had a refreshing graphic facelift. Launching an SEO / SEA report, increasing the number of ad extensions and updating Display campaigns were also on the agenda at Google. For its part, Bing Ads announced, more than a year late, the test of Shopping campaigns in the United States only.

Are there any changes to the AdWords Quality Score calculation?

The calculation of the Quality Score by Google (the relevance score that Google assigns to place you in the auctions compared to your competitors) changes little, and remains mainly based on the click rate, the destination URL, the speed of your site and the consistency of your ads with your keywords. However, in recent months, Google has added an element which is now taken into account in the calculation of the quality score: ad extensions, and in particular sitelinks. These sub-links that appear in the Premium Zone are therefore important for your Quality Score.

Is investing in Bing Ads worth it?

This is a very good question, because given the market share of Bing Ads in sponsored links (less than 5% in March 2014), one can legitimately ask the question. Indeed, managing an account on Bing Ads will take you as much (or more) than managing an AdWords account!

If you’re new to Bing Ads, you’ll want to focus on Google. Once your Google campaign is optimized to the maximum, and you are looking for additional traffic, you will have to think of Bing! This is interesting incremental traffic. And to get started on Bing Ads, don’t start from scratch. Use your AdWords account by transposing existing campaigns using the transfer tool offered by Bing Ads (Question 76). Once your Bing Ads account is launched, its optimization will be different from that of AdWords, and you will need to keep some time for Bing.

Thank you Florian. You can find The guide to sponsored links in your favorite bookstores or online at www.guide-liens-sponsorises.fr! Also feel free to send your questions to Florian on Twitter @florianmarlin !

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