▷ Hack your productivity and the efficiency of your bcc on Gmail 2020 -

I do not know you, but on my side when I put one of my contacts in hidden copy (bcc), beyond informing him of the email in question, it is often because behind it, this must have a followed or take action accordingly. And at that time, the bcc is not always very explicit and you have to send a second email behind to explain (waste of time!). I just discovered a new Gmail extension which precisely meets this need: Whisper, let me present it to you… id=”more-82134″>

Some examples of uses

You are part of a sales team, you meet one of your prospects and behind one of your colleagues must contact him to send him details.

Without a whisper : you put your colleague in hidden copy and behind him send an email asking him to recontact the client. Due to several round trips of this type during the day, precious minutes are lost, minutes when you could have contacted other prospects and therefore potentially generate more turnover (Yes!)

With Whisper : at the same time as you compose the email to your client, you slip a whisper to your colleague to ask him to contact him again. All in one screen, the one sending your Gmail email. He receives not only the email of which he is a copy but also a second email indicating his instructions.

Another example…

You are responsible for a team and are in the recruitment phase. After the interviews, the candidate sends you an email to ask you questions. Questions that HR is better able to answer.

Without a whisper : you put your HR colleague in a hidden copy and behind him send an email asking him to contact the candidate again. Result, as in the first example, you waste time…

With Whisper : at the same time as you compose the email to the candidate, you slip a whisper to your HR colleague to ask him to contact him again. Here again saving time and efficiency!

Hack the effectiveness of your bcc with Whisper

As we have seen in these examples, the ICC can be a formidable productivity tool but at the same time it lacks context. This is where Whisper comes to the rescue and hacks its effectiveness.

In practice, it suffices to install a chrome extension, Whisper is free up to 5 uses per day. Which may be enough for conventional needs. The unlimited option is, at the same time, very affordable since it is offered at $ 2.99 per month.

Once the extension is installed, when you add a CCI address, a button + whisper appears, just click on it to add the corresponding message!

And it gives this:

chrome extension gmail whisper productivity mail

Then just click on “with murmur” when sending:

murmur gmail productivity hacker

And the person will receive in addition to the original email, a whisper like this via a second email:

murmur gmail productivity

Below the whisper we also find the original message for a easy tracking !

PRACTICAL: Please note that your colleagues do not need to install the extension or have Gmail for it to work.


Whisper is a solution simple and efficient meeting a need. He will make you gain productivity, if like me you use the bccs in the context of the exchanges that you have with your team.

The extension is free up to 5 shipments per day, what more?

To download Whisper, and boost your productivity, click here!

Article written in collaboration with Murmure