A year and a half after its launch, Happn, the dating application which offers to help its members to find a love at first sight crossed in the street while facilitating the meeting thanks to a geolocation system, already has 5 million members! A real love at first sight for its users. We met the team of this young French startup which is a hit and even recently announced a partnership with Spotify …

Quezako: the concept behind Happn…

Everyone has already used a dating site sooner or later, I suppose it is your case too (if so), the common defect in these sites is that it lacks spontaneity and often stays too much in the virtual . It is on this observation, that the idea of ​​Happn was born! Why stay in the virtual when every day we meet dozens of new people.

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The thing is, it’s not easy to approach a stranger. Despite the fact that 59% of French people have already had a crush on the street, only 29% of men have already dared to approach a stranger in the street and this percentage drops to 12% among women.



And this is where Happn will play the role of facilitator of the meeting! The SOLOMO application offers a 100% mobile and geolocated dating experience. We thus find the crushes crossed in the street (or elsewhere) and there we have two possibilities:

  1. The heart button for Liker, in this case, the person will be informed of your crush only if it is reciprocal;
  2. The button Charm who sends him a notification to the person to show him your interest!

Depending on whether you are shy or fiery, you have the opportunity to show your interest in a person.

The app is 100% free for women, and freemium for men with a credit system that monetizes the app. But don’t panic alone 1 feature is chargeable (the Charmer option, which costs 1 credit – the Like being free) the application is therefore widely used for free.

In practice it looks like this:


You also note that on each profile we see the number of times we crossed, as well as the place and time. Likewise, the common interest system allows you to see if you have any affinities.

So much for the concept, we met the Happn team to ask them a few questions …

Meeting with the Happn team …

Hello ! Can you introduce Happn to us?

Happn is a dating application that allows you to find people you have met in real life. This is the first hyper-geolocated application in real time: each time you meet another Happn user, their profile appears on the application.

Thus, for example, we can find the beautiful stranger seen on the terrace of a cafe and that we did not have the opportunity to approach. We believe in the notion of second chance and in the small hazards of everyday life and that is why we want to offer a tool that acts as a boost and allows you to take advantage of every opportunity to meet in real life.

The application was launched in Paris in February 2014. Since then, it has won the hearts of more than 20 cities around the world (London, New York, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Copenhagen, passing through Sydney and Santiago de Chile…) . Today we have 5 million users.

How did the idea for this project come about?

The world of online dating is paradoxical: why go to a dating site when you meet hundreds of people every day? Happn was created in order to respond to this problem and to a universal desire: how to find this person who we could not approach at the right time?

The application gives a second chance in order to find the people who caught your attention, or by discovering the people we meet every day without realizing it. What put a little magic and surprises in online dating!

The founders are Didier Rappaport, Antony Cohen and Fabien Cohen.

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

Always new launches in perspective: we expect to be a global player by next year, and reach 10 million users by the end of the year. We are constantly improving our product to be always more relevant and to provide the best possible dating experience. We are constantly thinking about the contribution and usefulness of new features. Lately we have integrated a musical functionality, allowing our users to declare themselves and converse in song in addition to words, an option that appeals enormously!


A top application, an already highly developed international community, ambitions … No doubt Happn will go far. Bravo to this project made in England (Cocorico!).

As seen above, the startup recently signed a partnership with Spotify giving birth to a very nice application allowing to send music to his favorite.

In picture it gives this:

Download the app

If you want to test Happn, go to your favorite store by following the links below:

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Finally, here is an infographic produced by Happn about love at first sight according to the French:

happn infographic

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