▷ Happy customers, wonderful business! 2020 -

Your customers are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you. And for good reason, it is thanks to them that your business exists and has a good future ahead of it. However, do you pamper them as it should be?

Put yourself in their place for a moment. You yourself are a client of various and varied brands and you know perfectly well what annoys you the most … So do not hesitate to remember both good and bad experiences for your own business!

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1 You’re on the web, everything is going faster than it is in reality, so yes you need an answer there right now. Your customers are just like you, they need an answer within a minute, at most within an hour.

2 You don’t want to be a customer among thousands, you want to feel that you are someone for this or that brand. Your customers are the same, they need an attentive and warm response. An answer intended for them personally and not a pasted copy that you have already sent to 100 people.

3 Have you asked a question about the delivery time of your pair of shoes? You need the right answer, not an answer from a robot who spotted your question with a base of keywords!

Again, your customers are in the same situation. They want an answer to their question.

It seems to be simple, you say to yourself “we are breaking open doors”, yes but today the number of customer service worthy of the name is not legion.

Which is a shame because, as you know better than anyone, when you are happy with a service you don’t talk about it much. However, when you are disappointed, you want everyone to know so that you can return the ball to the one who “mistreated” you.

Think of what you are looking for, think of service, think of customer king and you will have the keys to improving the image of your brand in a simple way.

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