▷ Has-been the website? 2020 -

When we think digital, the words “website” usually follow the reflection. We then think of its conception, its design, the distribution of its contents and then, lastly, its enrichment. However, is it so essential to have a website?

A website to do what?

Yes, before even thinking about design or content, it is necessary to wonder about the added value of this potential site. Why do you want to create a digital window? Is it to give you a digital identity, to sell your products? The answers to these questions will be decisive for the future. Indeed, a website is expensive. Upstream and downstream of its production. Each second spent will be as much time and therefore money that will not go elsewhere. If your target does not care about digital or on the contrary, if the latter is very active, the site may be counterproductive on several levels.

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Vs platforms

If having a digital presence seems essential today, the website can in some cases be perceived as obsolete. Long to update and generally does not offer the possibility for your visitors to interact directly, it cannot compete with the different platforms that constitute Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Beyond pure production and updating, your content will also be more easily shared on networks than on your site. For example, a video will be viewed more directly on the YouTube platform rather than via a link.

Each network is also optimized for a specific use, you have the possibility of producing and adjusting your content according to your objectives while ensuring a certain audience (provided you master the networks in question). And in the perspective where your website would be an e-commerce site, unless benefiting from very high traffic, study the solutions offered by certain platforms. You will then benefit from both turnkey solutions and their audience.

Inform yes, but how?

A website is generally used to present the services from a company. However, if this is your only objective, do not hesitate to use theE-mailing to present your offer, because whatever some people say, NO emailing is not dead! Suggest content directly to your targets by email remains entirely relevant on condition of a personalization and therefore of a segmentation fine of your database.

Always more flexibility

We are all today nomads, there is no doubt. We consult our emails on our smartphones or tablets much more than on the screens of our computers. The First Mobile will soon be legion, and you can imagine, manage a website even responsiv from a Smartphone screen can be relatively complex. Why then not invest the territories occupied by smartphones and others connected objects ? A application well-designed will probably be far more relevant than a boring static display website …

Every day more digitized, our environment is getting new digital tools. It is therefore tempting for many players to want to benefit from a website. However, if the site was essential a few years ago, it appears today in some cases as secondary, because frozen. However, a site that does not get regularly enriched is a site condemned in the medium term. By offering more responsiveness and flexibility, some social media and applications seem to be an effective solution in the content creation and promotion. Do not hesitate to explore this possibility as part of the production or enrichment of your Numeric identity !