▷ Has the business card become obsolete? 2020 -

Will the traditional business card definitely become obsolete and completely disappear from our daily lives? Will the dematerialization of media and “connected” equivalents give the final blow to the famous card stock that was the pride of the one who offered it?

In an all-digital era where paper is often associated with papyrus and where the simple act of taking notes can have the same effect as a Proust madeleine, is it still appropriate to spend money on have business cards printed? Nowadays, a LinkedIn account can be much more useful professionally and above all can be regularly updated. This argument is, in my opinion, central to the abandonment of this tool. You no longer have to worry about losing your phone number at the risk of having to reprint 200 pieces and possibly missing out on an opportunity. The simple connection LinkedIn with your business partners and promises you a flawless and continuous contact.

Despite everything, these business cards are perfect for breaking the ice and making a first contact. They are also excellent for closing a conversation with an “I leave you my business card” which very often leaves traces. Don’t lie to each other. After taking the time to encode the information on their mobile, this little card, which is rarely original, often undergoes horizontal classification.

Interesting anecdote while in Western culture, once the business card is distributed, it is often quickly stored in the bottom of a pocket, this same practice is sacrilege in Japan! The custom is that once the Holy Grail placed in the hands of his interlocutor, he is held between the thumb and the index finger of both hands, studied scrupulously and returned at the end of the discussion. Japanese traditions are strict and allow to keep in mind at all times the name, the importance of the position and the company of his interlocutor.

Finally, here is a small selection of ingenious alternatives that will make your future business cards unforgettable little pearls.




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