▷ He disguises himself as a Donuts delivery boy and puts his CV in the biggest agencies in San Francisco 2020 -

“Think out of the box”. This is often the first thing we are taught when we start our long school journey in Marketing. Differentiate yourself, innovate, constantly question yourself and dare. This young Lithuanian has followed the Holy Scriptures to the letter and can boast of having created a sacred buzz around his initiative …

Let’s put it all in perspective: Lukas Yla, a young Marketing graduate, takes the plunge by leaving his native Lithuania to try his luck in San Francisco. His dream would be to join one of the very many Comm ’agencies in Frisco. But doors are often very difficult to open or simply double-locked. As much integrating an agency in Languedoc-Roussillon can look like a Stations of the Cross, so imagine only trying the same bet, but in a city with nearly 1 million inhabitants !?

Our good old Lukas did not feel down. He ended up winning several interviews in the most reputable agencies on the California coast in a very simple way. How? ‘Or’ What ? Dress up as a Donuts delivery boy (Homer Simpson likes that) and have the door open to all the agencies in the region. He followed the theory of “think out of the box” by thinking “IN the box” since in the box of these delicious pastries, dear to Uncle Sam, was his CV!

The initiative was very popular and the interviews have accumulated. Mission accomplished for this young Baltic full of creativity. Now wait to see if these talks will be conclusive or maybe our Lukas Yla is like these donuts, empty in the middle and in this case, he can always be recycled as a delivery boy ready for anything.