How do you get your blog visitors to read you every day, as if you were the Jewish Messiah, as if you were the only blogger in the world?

You know when you have a blog, it takes time, you have energy, you have faith that everything will go smoothly. We believe in it deeply. Besides, how can we not believe it after all these efforts?

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But there’s this truth that strikes like Obama’s punch on Putin’s skull: even after all these months of hard work, persistence and sweat, your blog remains puny. Yes ! He remains completely dwarf. No one reads your articles, no one comments on them, no one shares them.

And you are sad. Thinking about giving up and starting to believe that running a blog is for others. For you, blogging becomes Indian magic.

You know what ? It’s your fault. Yes, it’s yours, because if you wanted to have a traffic-generating blog, if you wanted a blog that engages readers, if you wanted a blog that generates leads and allows you to develop your business, you wouldn’t have made the stupid mistake everyone else makes. You wouldn’t have given up on trying to write hundreds of articles in the hope that readers would rush to read them. It’s your fault, I repeat.

But it’s not too late. You can write articles that readers like, that everyone shares, a blog that builds their community. Even if you only have CEP, even if you don’t have a bac +17.

How to get there ?

By acting on a single lever : clearly define your audience. Just that.

Yes ! Before writing your first article, you need to know who you want to talk to.

The worst mistake that bloggers make is that they know their audience clearly. Nothing is more false than that. They spend their time writing articles that visitors do not consume. After… bullshit. It’s total failure.

Many people who I have sometimes asked if they know their audience have answered yes. But you know what ? Basically it was wrong, because when I ask again: “ how do you know ? They say they just know it.

What knowledge would remain theoretical in a field where everything must be concrete?

Why do you need to define your audience?

  • You know who you’re really talking to;
  • You create suitable content;
  • You track down the problems of your audience and provide solutions;
  • You draw empathy on yourself;
  • Your business has a good image with your audience;
  • You avoid wasting time and wasting money doing things that nobody wants.

Do you want me to tell you something else? Defining your target correctly is the secret to really successful businesses.

Not all successful businesses are for everyone. They define their real audience and design suitable content or offers only for this target. So if you want to achieve long-term success, you have to do it.

In a simple way, how do you define your target?

To answer this question, we use a persona. I said persona and no one, don’t confuse. A persona is the pictorial representation of your real target. This is a character that you create to represent this target. In other words, this is the fictional figure of your typical client. When you want to work on your target, the persona is used.

To help you better understand, let’s take a method inspired by psychological theater lessons, used to create characters more real than life, and which will help you create hyper realistic personas. This method is based on 10 points concerning the character:

  1. What is his worst nightmare / most beautiful dream?
  2. What are his received ideas?
  3. What are his language tics?
  4. What does he say when he toasts?
  5. What is his obsession?
  6. Who does he fall in love with?
  7. What is his kind of humor? His favorite joke?
  8. What is his opinion on the news? (take all the news of the day and position it)
  9. What are his little secrets that he only tells his closest friends?
  10. What is his terrible secret that he can never tell anyone?

I can assure you that if you answer these 10 questions in a very precise and detailed manner, you will be able to draw personalities with striking realism. You’ll never see your readers and customers the same way again …

The second way to find out what your audience really wants is to go and ask them. It’s as simple as that. How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s also very simple. Just use the following two approaches: the indirect method and the direct method.

Indirect method: searching for key expressions

The absolute rule: research keywords before writing your articles.

The indirect method is to search for the terms most sought after by visitors. If I do a search on ” how to play guitar “, For example, does that mean I need it?

To improve your positioning in search engines, do keyword research while writing your articles. It’s important to know which main keyword you should target when writing your articles to easily optimize it.

For this, the simplest approach is to use Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner is Google’s quintessential analytics tool for finding the phrases and words most searched for by Internet users.

To use it, start by entering the keywords for which you want to position. Then go to the “Keyword Ideas” tab and find the best keyword for your topic. Look for the one with the most monthly searches, but with low competition. If your site has a certain reputation and you are well known, you can target the average competition. If not, look for words that have weak competition.

Then check out the suggested offer. The higher the bid, the more likely it is that these visitors will convert to email subscribers. But again, don’t forget about the competition, because you won’t be able to fight against the big guys, unless of course you have to spend thousands of dollars.

You can also use the tools on the left side of the screen. Targeting and customizing your search will narrow down the keywords that are most important to you. You can choose a specific country or language and exclude keywords that appear in the list of suggestions, but that are not relevant to your topic.

In addition, you can filter keywords by search volume, competition or proposed bids and include or exclude keywords containing specific terms.

So much for the indirect method.

The direct method: Carrying out surveys and questionnaires

The direct method is to ask your readers directly what they want.

How to proceed ? You must conduct a survey using suitable tools such as Survey Monkey or Google Form. They allow you to design series of questions to send to your target. Based on these tools, you can also send an email to your contacts asking them what types of content they would like to see you write.

You will see, once you have defined your audience and understood who your reader is, you will create great content. Your readers will love you, they will share your content and tell others about you. You will become popular, you will be the head of a beautiful community. And you know what is most rewarding in this matter? It’s that one morning a reader writes to tell you how you have changed his life.

In conclusion

Blogs that attract a loyal following are those who have taken the trouble to identify their target. When you know who you’re talking to, you create personalized content. Your audience feels in your content, because your words, your words resonate with their own experience. So get up and ask your audience what they need. Take the trouble to understand his needs, his pain, his desires. This is the only way to make your business more human.

In turn, how do you go about writing articles for your readers? We can’t wait to know your secrets. Tell us in the comments.