What is motion design?

Motion design is the English term for animated graphics. It’s about animating texts, shapes, colors and illustrations to tell, explain and communicate through video.

Motion design is a tool widely used by brands in general to maximize their power of communication. It allows you to anchor a message with a strong impact or to facilitate understanding with an audience unlike less effective static visuals.

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A tool that adapts to each need

The role of video in animated graphics generally meets one or more specific goals. There are therefore several categories of videos adapted to these needs:

  • Promotional videos, which can be compared to ads, and which are used to promote a product, service, cause or event;
  • Animated storytelling, which is the art of telling a story in an animated way, whether about a character or an event, often in the form of a short film close to the animated film;
  • Educational videos, much appreciated in internal company environments, in order to explain processes and operations in an efficient and easily memorized manner;
  • Explanatory videos, more generally aimed at the public, which serve to present a service or product and to highlight the benefits;
  • Interactive videos, including VR, AR and web design, which allow the user to interact with and take control of the video;
  • Graphic designs, whether for television, conferences, video games…

This is why motion design is the flagship tool of digital communication

Motion design is reputed to be the result of significant benefits. Whether it is to meet commercial, social or even psychological objectives, motion design is an essential tool for taking advantage of modern communication.

Here is what we can retain among the benefits of motion design:

  • People hold back 95% of a message shown as a video, compared to the 10% of a text read;
  • Internet users share 1200% animated content in addition to text and image combined;
  • 85% of consumers stated that they wanted to see more video content, which inevitably made it attractive;
  • A website with a video on the first page has 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google (and you can contact me to discuss it);
  • Animated content generates 300% more traffic, which generates a much higher return on investment than other forms of communication;
  • Users view pages with video content 2.6 times longer only pages without. We think that 82% of Internet traffic will be used for video in 2021.

Motion design has repeatedly proven to be a golden tool for improving business turnover, raising awareness of causes with greater impact or even for speeding up internal business processes and streamlining their production chain. The more people view your content, the more they want to trust you. What could be better than animated content to attract them?

As a motion designer, my mission is to help companies increase their turnover, increase their digital visibility and generate more leads through the simple and attractive language of video.