Content Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Curation,… as much to say it immediately, the specialists of the Web do not let pass a week without explaining the last tendencies. Understanding these trends is a good thing, but wanting to follow each of these tracks at all costs remains a mistake, which can be fatal. Even for web writing, you must follow your objectives, which you will have taken care to define precisely …

Why do we write for the web?

Of course, I will not fail to advise you to follow my advice and tips to succeed in making your web writing more fluid and impactful and there the visits to my blog will fly away. Yes but why ? This is the first question you need to ask yourself (and even if it is obvious, I regret that it often remains neglected in the strategies of web-traders).

You are an e-trader and your final objective therefore consists in selling your products and / or your services. You already know (and if this is not the case, the disillusionment will be great) that your conversion rate will be low (even if you excel in your activity).

However, does this mean that the 94 or 95 visitors (out of 100) who visit your site without buying anything do not concern you? You should also be concerned about their expectation and disappointment (some of them are really disappointed not to have found the product they were looking for).

This is where web writing becomes important. The most beautiful photos or the most original videos made it possible to encourage sales to your prospects. But those who have not changed their will must also understand that your site is worthy of interest. You need to arouse envy (a well-documented text providing real information), curiosity (a well-documented web copy questions readers, who want to know more), questioning (a web copy well constructed and documented can lift an unknown part of your industry) or allow your readers to smile (SEO-optimized web text can also be used in humorous form).

Efficient web writing, organized and careful writing

In short you need to define your editorial strategy, and this is where you will fall back into the reading of all virtual marketers. But often the steps are burned. Above all, you need to define your own goals.

For example, if you choose to assert yourself as an expert, avoid texts written quickly without extensive research. If you want to create an image of rigor and organization, abandon the majority of the time humorous or sarcastic texts.

And ask yourself the right question? What is good documentation for your text? How many e-shops explain to us (trying to sell it to us), that a t-shirt can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. No need to go any further here, you already know that the text consists of “filling”. Of course it takes a little for you (create content for your store) and for me (you have to pay the bills at the end of the month).

But you also need to establish yourself as being unique and as being a true specialist in your field.

Web writing, a true digital signature

Let’s go back to our example of t-shirts (you will notice that I did not take the easiest of the examples). How to successfully differentiate your t-shirt from that sold in 1000 other stores? You can’t since it’s the same.

Start to differentiate yourself by creating a unique description. Do not fall into the trap of the supplier description. The latter is already included in the shops of your 1,000 competitors, and you will therefore create spammed content, which will greatly displease your doorman: Google & Co.

Rewrite all descriptions. I agree, it requires a lot of work and the usefulness of an editor is essential. 10, 100, 1000, 5000 sheets to write, so learn to delegate. But these descriptions are insufficient. Because as fashion and trendy as the t-shirt offered, how will you inspire your prospect? The importance of quality photography is essential.

This is where your strategy (defined in the first two paragraphs) will prove to be essential. Your landing page on plain t-shirts can, for example, offer text explaining the different ways to personalize this outfit. For children, discuss the creative activities around the t-shirt. Do it yourself is on the rise so take advantage of it.

Your colorful t-shirts or Hawaiian creations can be staged. Evoke the possibility of choosing such a t-shirt to organize a “bachelor party” and to dare all daring between friends.

Your organic cotton t-shirt will be more attractive if you talk about these cotton producers: how does it work? And the “sustainable development” label may also be subject to such treatment.

It’s a titanic job, I grant you, but no one told you that e-commerce was a very easy job. In a few days, I’m going to talk about the best way to stay informed by telling you about this curation of content. In the meantime, how do you get your visitors interested?