▷ How are brands boosting their digital marketing strategy by implementing a unique customer experience? 2020 -

Dominique Despres, VP Sales England at Uberall, delivers his expert point of view and reveals valuable advice to help companies boost their digital marketing strategy locally and promote a unique customer experience …

It is very important for clients to experience a
unique and differentiating experience, and brands have already understood this.
They are more and more inclined to want to get involved by supporting a
unique experience like their business.

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There are many examples, but that of
Monoprix particularly marked me: they decided not to produce any more
paper catalog. Indeed, the brand wishes to take a completely different
turning to its communication and to the consumer experience. With this
initiative, Monoprix wants to allow its customers to consume better. it
allows the leading brand of downtown commerce to position itself as
a responsible and caring company. But it also allows
Monoprix to offer its customers so-called “personalized” shopping thanks to a
relevant digital marketing strategy.

What are the marketing tools that brands have
to offer a unique and personalized experience to their client? Here are 3
marketing ideas that can inspire.

Take care of your e-reputation and engage in conversation with your customers via online reviews

I think it is important to analyze the feedback you receive and respond to that feedback or comment. Indeed, online reviews, good or bad, are public and visible to everyone and this also applies to your responses, or lack of response. By answering it, you show your availability, your proximity, your interest, but also your desire to be close to your consumers. You will also keep a reliable level of information visible to all and this will allow you to ensure the accuracy of your public data.

The analysis of these customer returns and the taking into account of these comments are essential at the local level and allow to further refine the customer experience and adjust, if necessary, certain parameters. Tools exist to allow you to manage the online reputation of your entire sales network with ease from a single platform and give the opportunity to respond locally by the teams in charge.

You can also attract new customers with specific content whenever they search for a nearby business. In fact, by publishing images, news and promotional offers specific to an individual store, you get tailor-made and effective brand communication at the local level.

So in my opinion, these online reviews could have far more influence on your business results than you thought. Admittedly, being criticized can be quite daunting at first glance. However, keep in mind that consumers leave far more positive opinions (49%) than negative ones (34%)!

Efficiently managed, comments can positively impact your online reputation and therefore your sales. To conclude, a proactive criticism approach allows you to better control the reputation of your brand.

Stand out through voice search

It’s no longer a secret, we’re entering the era of
voice searches. It is therefore essential that brands prepare for this
usage revolution to distinguish itself from their competitors who are still staying
shy on this ground. To be sure to reach the

chatty users, however, it’s important to remember that they’re more likely to use natural and conversational language when doing voice searches, as opposed to traditional searches where they use keywords. Brands should therefore be careful to use more conversational keywords and keywords. For example, the words“Who, what, when, where and how are used in almost all voice searches.

Another recommendation, always take into account the context of the voice searches in which a company wishes to appear when writing the content of the profiles. The keywords and expressions used must reflect the different situations and needs of users at the time T.

Get an innovative chatbot

Indeed, the chatbot is a very interesting tool for businesses since 80% of consumers declare that their experience with chatbots is positive, although 1 in 2 people remains to be convinced, according to an Uberall study. Again there are many examples of companies that, thanks to their unique and sometimes even fun chatbot, personalize the customer experience.

One of these examples that comes directly to mind is that of the Duolingo language learning application which created a chatbot from the country whose user is learning the language in order to help them improve their conversational skills and to put into practice what they have learned.

In a completely different field, the Ile-de-England prefecture has developed a brand new chatbot to help young startups. The objective is to help young entrepreneurs with administrative procedures. In these two examples, we show the consumer that he is a unique customer who has questions that we want to answer in a personalized way.

This is also the case for Air England users who can now be notified of flight delays or cancellations thanks to the Messenger chatbot named Léa who can also send them accommodation offers or compensation vouchers.

Nowadays, consumers are overexposed and constantly called upon by brands. It is therefore completely normal that they become more and more demanding on the quality of the advertisements which can allure them. Personalizing the customer experience locally is a good way to grab their attention and focus your efforts on your core target: local buyers.

About the Author

Dominique Despres: Vice President Sales England at Uberall, a leading local digital marketing company, Dominique’s mission is to accelerate the company’s commercial development on the French-speaking markets in order to support all companies in optimizing their local strategy.