▷ How can relationship marketing bring you closer to your customers? 2020 -

Unique, singular, capricious, your customers are complex and even sometimes fickle? What if, beyond selling their products / services to them, you sought to establish a relationship of trust with them? How? ‘Or’ What ? Well by establishing relationship marketing of course!

The customer at the center

Often linked to mailing or network marketing, relationship marketing is anything but a simple tool. From customer relationship management, relationship marketing look for get in touch with your potential customers and to accompany them throughout their purchasing process. This marketing comes from a constant: in business relationships as in personal life if you want to get closer to a person, you must be able to learn the most about them in order to be able to deepen the relationship when the opportunity arises.

Applied to your business, this relationship aims to transfer your target to prospect, then to client, consumer and finally to ambassador.

By being aware of the habits of your prospects / customers, you will be able to offer them suitable marketing campaigns, for example by segmenting and personalizing your mailing.

Proximity as a course of action

Because no two clients are the same, the Relationship marketing is the opposite of mass marketing. Each action must be designed in accordance with the current or future needs of your potential client. To do this, your database beyond being refreshed should also be segmented. In an ideal world, your base should be segmented according to criteria relevant to your business. Example: how old are your customers? Who would be willing to invest in a product complementary to their initial purchase? You will have understood it before segmenting your database, it must be informed and therefore go to meet your prospects and customers.

Everyday interactions

Each of your communications should also always be a means of develop a feeling of affiliation with your prospects and customers. With this in mind, do not hesitate to place the human in the center. Again, most people trust individuals, not organizations or businesses. Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself and interact directly and simply with your audience. In our digital world, this personalization basically goes through the content marketing.

How about automating the relationship?

The Relationship Marketing by definition takes time. Faced with this observation, several options are available to you, includingmarketing automation. The typical case is for example sending an email with a discount coupon on the birthday of your subscribers.

The whole point of réside marketing automation ’lies in defining and implementing a strategy in order to free yourself from these tasks and thus focus on more rewarding activities.

But be careful, the tool only serves the purpose and without humanization of the latter, any attempt will be in vain. Indeed, as its name suggests, the Relationship marketing is based on interactions and therefore personalization.