▷ How do I get a title that clicks and clicks? 2020 -

On the internet more than elsewhere, the information available in quantity creates a real competition between the different contents. To counter this obesity, the titles of the content in question must inform the reader of the result, but above all draw their attention to encourage clicks. How to stand out and encourage the user to stay in your company? This is what we will see in this short article …

The different functions of the title

The primary function of the title is to capture the attention of your potential reader. No mystery, you have to make a promise to him, reassure him that spending time reading your article will bring him something positive. This can, for example, be a knowledge contribution, but also a moment of entertainment.

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The title also aims to segment your target. If you want to launch a new product on your site for example, you will need to write a title that will speak to your audience. The lexical field used will have to be worked according to the typology of your target: age, social category, lifestyle, gender…

Finally, the title should encourage you to continue reading while giving the main information. You are aware that there are several levels of reading. Some internet users in front of the abundance of information made available to them may be tempted to stop at the chapô, even under your article. It is therefore essential that it is “speaking” and clearly indicates the type of content that will later be developed in the corpus.

A unique title

Like your content, your title should be unique and offer a point of view to your readers. Remember, you are not writing for yourself, but for your audience. So remember to adopt his point of view and not yours.

In addition, since humans are curious in nature, offering a title that appeals to their emotions is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of being read. It’s important to integrate whether your title likes it or not ultimately matters little. Let him question yes. Take for example some celebrity magazines or videos, the touting titles generally benefit from good conversion rates.

Numbers and letters

Studies show that a title with numbers will be more engaging than a classic title. If you think conversion rate, think numbers! Titles such as “The 5 Ways to …”, “Increase Your … by 25%” will likely make your readership want to know more, because they will see in your article a way to make a profit. Note that odd numbers are popular, especially when written in numeric.

Has your feathers

Now that building an effective title has no secrets for you, let your imagination run wild! The main thing is to combine emotions, figures and formats. And if you’re short of ideas, think lexical. Words like “cool”, “fast”, “tips” will immediately put your audience in a good mood while adjectives and other superlatives should increase your conversion rates.

And you, what are your tips for writing headlines?