▷ How do you judge the quality of writing specific to the Internet? 2020 -

We have already wondered together to understand whether web writing was a real pleasure or a simple activity. Then we cleared the main constraints weighing on this Web writing before underlining the potentiality of the force of this writing specific to the Web. Multiple themes could still be developed concerning this very particular field of writing for the Web. Simple means to make ends meet for some and real professional activity for others, the profession of Web editor must also (and above all) answer a question: What should be brought to the Internet user?

Web writing, reconciling rules with defined objectives

To arouse the interest or even the curiosity of the reader already supposes to master somewhat the basic techniques of writing specific to the Internet. One of the writing purposes is to get him to visit the other pages of the site or even the blog. The writer no longer seeks to write for his own pleasure or for that of others, but rather to lead the reader towards action.

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When a novelist or even an essayist succeeds in selling his book to you, the goal is achieved. Obviously he hopes to please you according to the proposed work but once your book in hand, his ambition is reached and he only has to aim for a secondary task: satisfy you so that you can promote his work to your entourage, which will automatically reinforce sales and therefore its ultimate objective.

But for the web, what is the purpose of content regardless of its form.

The ambitions of the web editor

There is no answer to this question. The author of a blog sharing a passion will aim above all to bring his expertise and knowledge to his readers. The article will therefore be a real vector of knowledge. Even if it will be necessary to take care to respect the imperatives linked to the Web, the content will be a priority insofar as Web writing then finds the original vocation of writing: the transmission of knowledge.

An online store will look for another purpose, to which the editor must submit. The final objective remains to increase the activity of the site and therefore to sell as many products as possible. (It’s summarized but the business philosophy is there). Obviously, the e-merchant will have to provide information on its products, its specificities but it will above all arouse the envy of the Internet user. The text must not only respond to a minimum of knowledge while captivating the reader.

Another site may be looking for content to successfully sell its services to businesses and / or individuals. In the latter case, the author must then reconcile the first two requirements by making the services offered as concrete and visual as possible (providing information) while creating in the reader the feeling that this service is for him.

Towards a Goncourt price for web writing?

Such a simplistic questioning should arouse your interest and if you read these few lines in search of the conditions to apply for this price, it is that the bet is successful. No, the jurors of the Drouant restaurant have not (yet) suggested the creation of such an award.

But how do you recognize a good article written for the Web? With its number of readers, the perfect spelling, an impeccable syntax, the knowledge conveyed by the text, the pleasure taken in reading a pleasant and lively text, the number of clicks on one or other of the links placed at the heart of it, sales generated in rebound from reading the text,….

I give no answer even if as in the majority of the cases, the logic would like that the most reasonable way takes into account all the criteria. A text empty of information (there is still a lot on the Web) would not be more successful than a text written in SMS language, while the multiplication to the extreme of keywords misspelled (“location hotel Asia beach “,” cheap accounting software “, … these are only real examples) is no more beneficial to the visibility and success of a site.

So according to you, what are the criteria that can measure the quality of a web copywriting?