▷ How do you make sure your text is ready for publication? 2020 -

You have already read many articles, some of which were proposed by your humble servant on his blog or here, offering to help you write a text optimized for the Web. You followed all of these guidelines, and finally managed to write the perfect SEO text (it’s the impression anyway, after three sleepless nights and 7 liters of coffee). Sorry to break your spirits, but your task is not finished. A few more efforts and your work will finally be online…

Proofreading or proofreading, a writing in its own right

Ideally, the text should be left to sit for a full night before being reread several times. If you don’t have time, I recommend a short 30-minute break. Leave your computer, go running or walking (even if it rains, it opens your mind and gives you oxygen) and resume reading your text.

Training & Co'm

Proofreading for spelling.

This is a dictionary at your fingertips, which you will read again. A doubt, a question and rush on the Petit Larousse, the Bescherelle or another grammar manual. This is about tweaking. Focus only on spelling and grammatical forms.

A new reading for form

Here again, do this little mental exercise, consisting in only being interested in form. Is the text centered, justified, corresponding to the architecture of the site or blog, on which it will be published? Is the text airy, with separate paragraphs that are easy to spot?

Do you judge your writing yourself?

3th proofreading already for you, then you can start judging yourself. Are the sentences short or at least clearly understandable? If you have to read it twice before understanding, needless to say, your reader will not have the patience. Your race (yes I advised you to ventilate yourself) unconsciously allowed you to go around, and I have no doubt that new formulations came to your mind.

Have you written for the web?

Are your keywords present in the text, and are they well placed? Title, subtitle, … But is the semantic universe of your domain also omnipresent throughout the text? Are the titles well indicated (H1, H2, Hn,…) and are your images tagged correctly? This is the eye of the SEO expert, who you want to be, who needs to be sharpened. A few words in bold, a few corrections, a few synonyms, and you can go to the next step….

Is the meaning of the article for the reader obvious?

What question did you want to answer? When the reader has finished the article, does he finally have an answer to the problem? The question can be delicate in particular if you write the description sheets of your products but a text must always bring something, does yours meet this requirement?

And for you, has the goal been achieved?

If you have to worry about readers, you also have to respond to your own goals. Whether to sell, to propose a concept, you must make clear the action, which you expect from the reader? Is that the case ? Your ” CTA Call to Action »(There that makes more specialist) is it visible and clearly visible?

The final reading before the ultimate test

Here you are, you have successfully passed all the essential steps before going to the publication stage. You only have one more reading to do. This one will be attentive and neat, because it is the most important of all. You are no longer focusing on a particular aspect, but you are taking over the entire text and making the last possible corrections. Everything must be perfect.

Some will find the process long and tedious and free themselves from it at the risk of letting through texts that do not deserve to be on their site or on their blog. Others will follow the precepts to the letter so as not to miss any of the steps. The latter, including myself, keep these imperatives in the back of their minds and try to do everything at the same time, not because they consider it a waste of time but because they have afraid of losing it,… time. So take this list and pass this text to the mill. Send me the errors found and promised, I am improving for the next one … And you, how do you check your texts before publication?