▷ How does Google use artificial intelligence? Say hello to RankBrain! 2020 -

Prominent Google researcher Greg Corrado has released information about the RankBrain project at Bloomberg. On the menu: artificial intelligence and ultra complex algorithms!

What is Google RankBrain?

You obviously know Siri, Cortana or Google Now? These applications are very practical for researching, simply by talking to your smartphone. In practice, these virtual assistants are based on artificial intelligence capable of learning from your queries to provide you with increasingly relevant search results. RankBrain works on the same principle. It is indeed a system composed of complex algorithms to refine the search results of Internet users.

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Google, which is constantly evolving its web page ranking algorithms, is now relying on artificial intelligence. This domain is an important element for the American giant to offer Internet users increasingly relevant search results.

How does RankBrain work?

RankBrain is a system that autonomously processes unknown requests, i.e. requests that have never been searched before, which is especially the case for images and translations. For your information, these queries represent no less than 15% of the total search volume on Google.

The goal of RankBrain is then to analyze user queries from a semantic point of view. Consequently, faced with an unknown request, RankBrain will be able to guess its meaning and thus find the term or terms closest to it.

With the help of time and its ability to learn, it goes without saying that this algorithm will be all the more effective over time.

What place is given to RankBrain?

RankBrain simply makes it possible to improve the efficiency of Google’s current algorithms, especially when making new requests or including new terms (15% of total search volume). The American giant even claims that this system is the third most important factor for the Google engine.

Knowing that RankBrain is the result of the work of five people over a period of only one year, this only opens up the field of possibilities …


Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over and is clearly becoming a determining factor for the giants of the high-tech sector. Google, Facebook and Microsoft, these players are taking a serious look at AI to improve their quality of service.

Given these advances, one can only wonder how far progress will go. Do you have any idea what our technological future will be? The floor is given to you!